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February's Dragon Lord Spotlight - ImanGHR

This month we're shining the spotlight on ImanGHR! He's created a ton of videos on his YouTube channel for fellow Dragon Lords and now hosts regular live streams. Read on to learn more about him and get an edge in War Dragons by checking out his favorite video guides.

What is your current level and league?

[A]: I’m currently Level 105 in Sapphire League!


When did you start playing War Dragons?

[A]: I think it was in May 2016, so around 10 months now.


What initially drew you to War Dragons?

[A]: Well this is going to be funny, but a combination of good friend (IGN: Tarmis) and a divorce got me into War Dragons. My friend suggested that I try this game and the rest is history! It might sound weird, but some people take a walk or get a massage to relieve stress and relax; I play video games.


Why have you stuck with the game?

[A]: I've always been fan of video games but the thing that was really different in War Dragons compared to other games was the players’ maturity and willingness to help others. The players are really unique. They love to help you out, are friendly, and are competitive (in a good way)! In short, I love dragons, I love video games, and I love the community.


Many people know you in the community as an avid War Dragons video creator! What inspired you to start creating content about the game?

[A]: Two weeks after I started playing this game I found myself in big trouble, like getting to higher level base but having low defense power, or not having strong enough dragons to be able to farm resources. This small mistake made me stop playing because it was not fun anymore to play. I could not farm because my dragons were not strong enough and I could not hold and save my resources to upgrade my towers. My friend that had more experience than me (IGN: Tarmis) gave me advice and helped me out. It took some time, but I got back on my feet and started enjoying the game.

Then I started to wonder, “Well I'm not the first one that had these problems, and won't be last one!” I did not want anyone else to make the same mistakes that I did, so I made my first video. After that, I just got more requests and here we are now! I can't stop because I made new friends, and I have even more fun playing the game.


What are your top three most favorite videos you've created?


War Dragons - Top 5 Tips

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 Amarok vs. Hugin - Dragons Battle

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 War Dragons Best Defense

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="//" style="position: absolute;top: 0;left: 0;width: 100%;height: 100%;" width="640"></iframe>

I would say these three are my most favorite, and are great starting points for learning the game!


You've also started to live stream lately, too! Where can people find you and when can they typically see you online?

[A]: Yes! I've started to live streaming on Twitch and I'm so excited about it! It is so fun, and I get the talk to you guys live! It's AMAZING! I find it much easier to answer your questions during the live stream and appreciate all the time you decide to spend with me there. To give back, I also host a giveaway for a War Dragons value pack!

And... Also every minute that you watch my live stream you earn some points and with that you can unlock some rewards as well. You can find more information about how to qualify for rewards on my Twitch channel. Make sure to follow me and turn on notifications so you don't miss any live streams!

To find out when I go live follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


What have been some of your favorite moments in War Dragons so far?

[A]: The moment that I got Dodo and my first Legendary dragon, the king of the kings… Amarok! Those were by far, the best moments of my War Dragons experience so far!


Who are some of the standout personalities you like to play with and why?

[A]: Well, I get along with everyone, but I appreciate people that understand this is a game and we play this game to have fun. That's the main goal all of this: To have fun! Never forget that! If you do not enjoy the game (WD or any other games) you are more likely to prevent your friends from enjoying the game, too.


What are your current goals within War Dragons?

[A]: To make more in game friends! The more friends you have the more you learn and the more fun you have. Currently, we have a group in-game and also in the LINE app which has almost 80 members! My biggest goal is to make it to 500! 500 in-game friends that are all like a family! Isn't this great? By the way, if you are interested in joining the in-game group or LINE app group you are more than welcome! Please contact me via my Facebook Page so I can invite you!

You also can comment on one of my videos with your in-game name and let me know you’d like to be added to the chat.


What do you spend your time with when you're not playing War Dragons?

[A]: Playing other video games like League of Legends, working out, or hanging out with friends. I also like to learn new things, so watching videos on YouTube or listening to audio books are a part of almost every day of my life.   


Winter 2017 is almost over! Which of the divine dragons were your favorite from this set?

[A]: Tarand all day long! Tarand is a BEAST! But if I want to choose the best looking dragon in this season, Tengu will walk out with first place with its beautiful details!


If people want to connect with you, what is the best way for them to do so?

[A]: My YouTube comment section! I read all the comments and reply to all of them!

You also can join my group chats in War Dragons, LINE, or drop me a note through social media. I love to stay connected to you guys, so don’t be shy! Comment on my videos or say, “Hi,” during a live stream!

Thank you for participating ImanGHR, and for making all of these great contributions to our community!

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