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Update 2.90 Overview

Update 2.90 for War Dragons will be flying in next week! We're continuing our efforts in bug squashing, making UI improvements, and getting ready for the release of the final two Mythic dragons in the Garnet tier.


Two new dragons with very different playstyles are descending into the battlefields of War Dragons. Gloomclaw focuses on slow and methodical control, while Icicle is all about burst damage and sustain.


The End of Hope

Class: Warrior

Rarity: Mythic


  • Malefic Breath - Active, 1 Rage, Blue
    Empower’s the dragon’s breath to apply Gloom Clouds to targeted towers, dealing damage over time.
  • Devour Hope - Active, 1 Rage, Blue
    Gloomclaw heals itself for 12% of max HP for each Gloom Cloud active on nearby towers.
  • Dreadful Roar - Active, 2 Rage, Red
    Gloomclaw lets out a mighty roar that inflicts nearby towers with the Gloom Cloud effect. Any building hit will also take increased +25% damage for the remainder of the battle.
  • Doom Chains - Active, 2 Rage, Blue
    Any buildings affected by Gloom Clouds are afflicted with Doom Chains for the duration of Gloom Cloud. Doom Chains disable tower attacks, supershots, Red/Blue Mage Tower effects, and do not break on damage.


The Frigid Assault

Class: Hunter

Rarity: Mythic


  • Ice Turret Resist - Passive
    Reduces damage taken by Ice Turrets.
  • Frostbite - Passive
    Icicle’s attacks afflict buildings with Ice Shards, increasing the damage that building takes by 20%.
  • Shattershard - Active, 2 Rage, Blue
    Icicle shatters all Ice Shards on the battlefield, dealing massive damage and refunding 8% ammo per Ice Shard.
  • Crystalline Shield - Active, 2 Rage, Blue
    Form an Icy Shield in front of Icicle that absorbs up to 7 attacks, and reduces damage from beam attacks by 50%. Lasts until 7 charges are depleted.


  • Optimized how “Apply Multiple Speedups” chooses speedups to use the minimum amount necessary.
  • Fixed an issue where a tower may become invulnerable when paired with a Mythic warrior (such as Mehaten) on a dragon perch.
  • Fixed an issue that could have possibly allowed for duplicate dragons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to receive a value pack they were trying to gift.
  • Fixed an issue where certain ads would display a black screen.
  • Made preventative measures to reduce the chance of bookmarks failing to load.
  • The “Rename Yourself” menu should no longer be blocked by the keyboard when trying to rename yourself.


  • Doom Chains animation is now visible when the building is Frozen.
  • Dragons no longer stay on fire when casting Rising Phoenix after Summon Warrior.


  • Tapping on a message in the chat summary window will now correctly take you to the corresponding chat channel instead of opening the previous chat location (the chat button will still do this though).
  • Chat text color has returned to being white for better readability.
  • Fixed an issue where a completion checkmark would sometimes not appear when upgrading a dragon perch.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Shard and Ancient Stone’s images would appear blurry.
  • Fixed an issue where animations would sometimes not display when monuments were destroyed.

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