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April's Dragon Lord Spotlight - Psarus

Happy Two-Year Anniversary, Dragon Lords! We've had an exciting week so far, and it isn't stopping!

This month, we're shining the spotlight on War Dragons player, Psarus. He has been playing for nearly as long as the game has been released! Throughout his time flying in the skies, Psa has been an important member of our community. Having been an active contributer to the forums, a former member of the Ashenvale Alliance, and now a forum moderator, he continuously strives to improve player-to-dev communications.

Read on to learn more about Psarus, and get his list of favorite War Dragons resources for beginner flyers and fellow veterans.

What is your current level, team, and league?

[A]: If I say max level no one will know… right?

Ok, ok. I’m Level 189, and am a member of Forsaken Genius in the Sapphire league. 

When did you start playing War Dragons?

[A]: Now that’s a question! It has to be about a year and a half. Definitely felt longer being on the same team as LX… haha! (He won’t read this, right?)

Editor’s Note: We’ve discovered you’ve been playing since May 2015!

How did you discover War Dragons and what led you to sticking with the game?

[A]: I was searching for a new game and I stumbled across War Dragons. I was blown away with the graphics on a mobile device, the great designs of the dragons, unlocking further designs as you go with different spell combinations – it was great. Then I unlocked Darja and Arborious and felt indestructible at the time.

Continually pushing to have a base that causes an attacker to be taken by surprise by making the base tough to clear, or having a dragon that will solo any base is keeping me going. Most importantly, the team play keeps me coming back and I have met some great people here. Seers and Lx will tell you how much they enjoyed completing my XP runs during my time in the game.

You've been an active member of the War Dragons forums for a long time now and joined the crew of moderators within the past year!

What motivated you to take the next step in contributing to the community in this way?

[A]: During my time playing War Dragons, I’ve been a part of some fantastic teams. As I gained more levels, I wanted to help support other players and I was invited to be part of the Ashenvale Alliance. This was a group chat that changed monthly that could talk directly with the Pocket Gem staff about game related topics. I saw that players of all levels and experiences had great ideas and suggestions and we helped support changes to the game and feedback on many aspects. An opportunity arose to be part of the forum moderators and I wanted to join in and help improve the forums for all players and share my knowledge.

Literally after the first day of joining the moderators we hit the ‘Spam post’ gate: hundreds of posts that we needed to deal with. Every day logging on and clearing all the spam! Since then we all do our best to make the forums a better, first point of contact, for all players.

Being a mod on the forums, you probably see a majority of the threads there.

What are some of the best sites or threads you can think of that are awesome for newbies to be familiar with?

[A]: There are so many guides and websites created by other players that I turn to for advice! I’m sorry if I don’t mention them all. Our community does a great amount of work and even being a moderator I find nuggets of posts hidden away that I find useful.

Ameoba: This has been my go-to site for a long, long time. Amoeba puts in so much time and effort to display information about war dragons in an easy to find format. If you want to know how many tokens to get a dragon or lumber needed for that Level 35 Lightning Tower, this is your place to go. This site, hosted by Creators Faction member, Alleviates, has more information and can even give you pre-warning of the next event before it begins. Adored can provide base audits and there is lots of War Dragons information to be had.

Also, my teammate, LX460, has his Unofficial War Dragons Podcast posted there too and I would always recommend a listen -- well for the adults.

Town Hall Sub-forum: Over the last few months, the Pocket Gems staff have improved the information available on game updates and changes in the Town Hall. I would recommend that if you’re a new player with a small amount of time, check this forum section, as it will provide information on all announcements and important game information.

Red's Breeding Paths (Sapphire - Emerald): Red’s put in so much time and effort providing the breeding paths that can save you thousands of egg tokens. By looking at the end dragon you want it will show you the most cost effective and different paths available.

What have been some of your favorite moments in War Dragons so far?

[A]: I really liked when a different base theme was used for Halloween. It was great to see a different layout and I hope that this is the start of potentially different ones being introduced. How good would it be to be able to change your island layout and create your own unique style? City themed base or a candy land?

Out of all the various things to do in the game, such as collecting dragons, building up a powerful base, forming teams, ect., what is your favorite aspect and why?

[A]: The thing about War Dragons is that it’s all the elements combined that make it such a great game experience. Being part of a team, sharing resource, wars, defending and winning. I think all of these areas make the game enjoyable, not to mention finally unlocking that dragon you have always wanted!

However, in saying that, there’s no better feeling than defending a base from destruction or stealing that 100k resource loot against a defended base.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer to a new War Dragons player?

[A]: I’d have to say to get used to all of the skills that each dragon has to offer and learn how to use the skills in different situations. On paper, some skills can look weak on their own, but combining the right skills together, or paying attention to timing, you can cause devastation on a base.

I would also have to say working as part of a team is hugely important. It helps to win wars, feed dragons, win events, and make the game far more enjoyable.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer to a veteran War Dragons player?

[A]: Take down all your towers and replace with resource piles. That would be great, thanks! But, in all seriousness, I’d say don’t forget to get involved in the forums! The knowledge of the veteran players helps the new players, and it can help shape the game with your feedback and suggestions.

Who are some of the standout personalities you've encountered on the forums? What makes them awesome?

[A]:There have been a few for sure. I really like seeing people who want to help support all players and providing any guidance they can to help others. I don’t think one player makes the forums by any means. I believe what makes our forums so good are the different personalities, and the great discussions that take place on some threads.

I think everyone will be pleased to know the forums are getting a revamp!

Is there something you can think of that we should include?

[A]: How about a sub-forum called “Content Creation” to allow all of the community that have spent time creating content related to the game to show it off? Anything relating from drawings to podcasts, etc. could be posted here!

I’d also really like to see a private sub forum called the Ashenvale Alliance. This chat group, previously headed by Joe at PG, had people from all different levels and teams. It really helped to shape how some of the events have been improved and provided great feedback. I think if a group of players can get together to help improve the game only good can come from it.

Lastly... favorite spring 2017 Divine Dragon! Go!

[A]: If you asked me on announcement I would have said Sage (Arborious V2.0). But it’s really looking like Morphos. I think the artwork and the way the dragon evolves its look through the stages is a great feature.

We'd like to extend a huge "Thank you!" to Psarus for his continued efforts in our community!

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