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Update 3.20 Pre-Release Notes

The next update for War Dragons, version 3.20, will be releasing shortly! Check out a preview of the patch notes below for a heads up on the changes to come next week.


  • Invalid names no longer appear in orange when using the @mention function.
  • A small number will now appear on your chat icon indicating any @mentions you have pending.


  • Changes to game engine that should make spells with visual effects better align with their durations (ex: Lockdown).
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effect for Noxious Vines would persist past its intended duration.
  • Fixed an issue where damage for certain spells like Galvanic Overload would be capped at 1 million damage.
  • Adjusted spell description for Galvanic Overload to be consistent in different locations.
  • Added missing spell icons to floating battle text.
  • Fixed floating battle text to appropriately distinguish between the spells Invert and Reverse Projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue where “Spell Blocked” would appear too many times when Southern Cross was cast on a Red Mage Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where Healing Mark runes were healing much less than expected.
  • Buff spells will now show the visual effect of the most recently cast spell. Duration of existing buffs are unchanged.



  • Runes and research that affect Rejuvenate spells now add to the healing duration instead of reducing it. This means additional healing from those runes over more time instead of the base amount of healing in shorter time.
  • Windwall now also blocks Fire Turret basic attacks.
  • Fixed an exploit where Chain Lightning did not break Cloak when queued or cast.
  • Damage-over-time spells are now separated by type i.e. poison, burn, etc.



  • In preparation for the introduction of new Mythic Emerald tier dragons, Dark Flak damage is now classified as “Elemental” damage and not a projectile. This means Invert and Reverse Projectiles will not work against Flak Towers and Crystalline Shield will reduce their damage by 50% per attack.
  • Dark Flak Towers now grant Lockdown from Steal Essence.



  • Fixed an issue where giant world objects would appear when downloading assets.
  • Fixed an issue where equipped armor would fail to appear on the dragons flying above your base.
  • Fixed an issue where some projectiles would fail to visually appear during battle.



  • Fixed an issue where players could not equip armors in the Spanish client.
  • Fixed certain research text that was missing “%” signs.
  • Spell icons on dragons now appear in menus in the same order as they do in battle.



  • Improvements to event page loading performance.
  • iPhone 5 and Nexus 9 are now classified as a low-end devices, but are still supported. All Graphics settings will be toggled “Off” by default, but can be turned back on in Settings.
    Note: Turning more of these settings “On” will reduce performance in low-end devices.
  • Improved Android device memory usage to help improve performance.
  • Fixed a crash when constructing the Breeding Castle.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when viewing Sage and Fae in the Breeding Castle.
  • Fixed many non-specific crash issues.


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