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Twitch Creative Creates a War Dragon - VOTE NOW!

Last week, four Twitch Creative streamers used their craft and artistic talent to create a new concept for a War Dragon.
Today, YOU will decide which creation you would like to see as a playable dragon in-game!

AustenMarie, ViciousFool, Vieparlafoi, and Vulpsie were all up to the challenge and each specializes in a different medium. Each artist was presented with the theme, "Light and Dark," and set loose to carry out their unique interpretation of it.

View the gallery of their work below, then vote on which one you would like to fly as a War Dragon!


"This dragon hunts at night, making a nest out of the spores it produces. Multiples in a nest will cause an entire glowing meadow of spores. During the day it's lethargic, but has the appearance of a raven down. It uses it's luminescent features to attract prey, and snatch its catch much like a panther leaping from a tree." — AustenMarie

View the past stream to see how AustenMarie created this digital illustration!



"For this concept, I was inspired by a number of different things. The first one would be that I love the look of different underwater animals. Specifically, I've been always fascinated by shark's mouth, being that they have two rows of teeth.
Another inspiration was the mouth of the xenomorph from Alien movie series since it basically has an outer and inner mouth. So I thought it would be cool to combine those two inspirations in this concept. I'm also a big fan of wings with feathers and thought it would be cool to add four feathered wings since I haven't seen too many dragons in the game that have four wings.
The body of the dragon is completely stippled (drawn with just ink dots) and the wings are drawn with inked linework." — ViciousFool

View the past streams to see how ViciousFool's vision came together:


Vieparlafoi specializes in glasswork which makes each piece truly unique! We highly recommend viewing the full gallery for closeups of her work to appreciate the fine textures and details.

View the past streams to see Vieparlafoi's glassworking process:


"For the concept of this dragon I went for a 'Swamp Dragon'. I imagine that this dragon lurks under the swamp waters to hunt for it's prey. While submerged in the water the tendril like lures stay above posing as fireflies, or another type of bio-luminescent insect to attract prey. For this sculpture I used a polymer clay with a wire/foil armature on the inside to keep it upright, then baked and painted!" — Vulpsie

View the past streams to see Vulpsie's sculpture take form:


Don't delay! Voting closes on Thursday, April 20 at 12 PM PDT.

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