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September 2019 Dragon Lord Spotlight - FieryRedQueen

War Dragons - September DLS - FieryRedQueen


As Fall firmly enters the Northern hemisphere, we have another monthly spotlight to curl up with a warm sweater and enjoy! September’s spotlight showcases FieryRedQueen’s masterful leadership of the Sapphire team, FlameMasters. Read on below to learn more about how she recruits, manages, and motivates her fellow Dragon Lords.


This month’s Dragon Lord was chosen for a spotlight thanks to nominations from the following players:


  • Faeli

  • Grumbar

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  • ImPa1ster

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  • yakuzaG808

  • Nergal308

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Dragon Lord Spotlight: FieryRedQueen



What is your current level, team, and league?

I am currently level 450, leader of FlameMasters, and we are Sapphire 3.


When did you start playing War Dragons?

I think I started playing WD towards the end of 2015. However, my first “prize” portrait was the Potions Master from April 2016.


How did you discover War Dragons?

To be completely honest, I remember at the time I was looking for a game for my niece to play on my iPad. I had downloaded it, and a few days later, I was completely hooked.


How did you decide on your In-Game Name? What’s the backstory behind it?

My name always varies between FieryRedQueen or FireCrackedRed (because the game won’t allow firecracker?). My nickname in high school was “firecracker” because I had a bit of a short temper or always a smart remark coming out of my mouth. Fire or Red have also been nicknames because of my hair. So, I figured I’d use them in-game as they still suit me.


Let’s chat a bit about your in-game experience! What have been some of your favorite moments in War Dragons so far?

Ahh, favorite moments. My first one would have to be when PG first introduced “prize” dragons and having to collect the egg fragments. The point of this game was always about collecting the dragons. It was sort of like Pokémon and I had to have them all!

My second favorite would have to be Atlas, but more specifically the second land release. It was so chaotic but fun and crazy at the same time. I will also admit that I don’t think I’d ever spent so much money on the game in one day trying to keep troops to take castles hahaha. My team that day specifically managed to get 14 castles with some amazing planning and coordination with our 5TA.


What are your current goals within War Dragons? (Medal count, aiming for a specific dragon, etc.)

Current goals. That’s always a good question as I find my teammates asking me this quite frequently. I’d have to say my biggest goal at the moment is hitting level 500.


Who are some of the standout personalities you like to play with and why?

Super hard question. I’ve been playing this game for so long that I have met a lot of amazing people and made some great friends that it truly would be hard and unfair to pick even 5! I can say this is an amazing community with a lot of wonderful people.


You’re currently the leader of the Sapphire team, FlameMasters! What’s it like leading a team in such a competitive tier?

Aside from herding cats?!? Lol. Kidding. I know most wouldn’t believe that Sapphire 3 is hardly considered “competitive”, but it is. It’s probably one of the most actively warring leagues, and also holds a fine line between casual players and competitive players. It drives me nuts and I feel like I spend more time trying to be a leader than playing the game…but I love it.


How long have you been a leader of your team?

I have been the leader here for about a year and a half.


Can you tell us a bit more about how your team began and what your process looks like for recruiting?

I am the 4th(?) leader of this team. It’s been through a lot of ups and downs but most of us have managed to stick together and have been playing for a long time. I think the key to a successful team is loyalty, for sure. Not having players ditch when times get tough and sticking it out. As for recruiting, honestly, it’s a nightmare. Everyone wants higher leagues because of the reward payouts, but most higher leagues are solid and full. I don’t think a lot of players realize that if they joined a lower league team, it would be much easier for them to move up, and ta-da, you have the higher league you wanted. So I guess I just try my best; For recruiting, I use Facebook groups mostly or blindly email team-less people.


For other aspiring leaders in the War Dragons world, what are some tips you can offer to maintaining a successful team?

Patience and understanding. Too many leaders are so strict that it actually pushes players away. At the end of the day, we need to remember that we are all people with real lives and families and kids. There will be times people are unavailable or go through short periods of not being super active. I think it’s important to be understanding of this versus, “Oh, you’re going camping? Well, if you don’t think you’re going to be on a lot, will have to kick you”. What does that say to the rest of your team? I think success definitely lies a lot on the leadership and how they are, as well as the rest of the team, of course.


What is some of the advice you share with newer members of your team?

Where we are at in the game, most of the advice I get asked from teammates is about breeding, bases, or more specific information in regards to Atlas. I tell them to just have fun and not get lost in the politics of the game because, honestly, THAT is what kills it for everyone.


What are some challenges you encounter as a guild leader, and how do you overcome them?

Challenges are directly related to having to kick players sometimes. I make it a point to get to know every single one of my players and talk to them as much as I can. Sometimes, when a player I absolutely love needs to go, it’s never an easy decision. I always send a heartfelt genuine email because it’s the best I can do, and most of the time, they understand. I ALWAYS welcome players back for if / when they fix whatever issue it was for being kicked. That’s definitely the hardest.


What is the biggest motivator for your team to rally behind and use as a tool to unify everyone towards a goal?

We were just talking about this because I feel like sometimes I can’t motivate my team for nothing! Usually, all it takes is one or two team mails that I’m not happy about XYZ, and it changes. No one wants to see the firecracker and only a few have...Joking aside, the common goal is just being a team. Having people on and helping and working towards an event-specific team goal keeps everyone motivated enough.


When you’re not playing War Dragons, what do you like to do in your free time?

In the very little amount of free time I have, I spend it with my kids around the property. We have a lot of animals and land so there is always something to do. At night, I like to sit down with my dogs and Netflix…and War Dragons, of course!


If you could pick a theme for new dragons, what would it be and why?

I’ve given this a lot of thought. There have been a lot of wonderful dragon themes, but loving astronomy, I’d love nothing more than astrology-based dragons. Like a white glowing dragon for the moon with a crescent on its chest, etc., or a pretty purple and blue “galaxy” dragon. It’s always been something I’d love to see.


If people want to connect with you, what is the best way for them to do so?

Usually LINE or in-game, of course. I’m very responsive and love meeting fellow dragon warriors!!


Lastly…if you could have a conversation with any Dragon, which would it be and why?

Alright, we’re gonna go super old school here. I’d have to say Amarok. They were such a beast for so long and even with a Rider and gear, they’re still decent during Temple Raid. They’ve always reminded me of a dragon you might see in medieval times. Loving history, I’d talk to them about where they came from, what they like to do when they’re not burning down bases…and ask for a ride, of course!


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