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December 2018 Dragon Lord Spotlight - IIIRogueIII

War Dragons - December DLS - IIIRogueIII


To finish off 2018, this month’s Dragon Lord Spotlight features a long-time member of both the Creators and Gameplay Faction - IIIRogueIII! Rogue is a video creator in the CF, a productive participant in the GPF, and a beast of a Dragons flyer. Read our interview Q&A below to learn more about this veteran player!


Dragon Lord Spotlight: IIIRogueIII

Dragon Lord Spotlight - IIIRogueIII


When did you start playing War Dragons?

I started playing April of 2016. I didn’t really get into it so I uninstalled the game. It wasn’t until around September of 2016 that I saw a couple of my friends at work playing War Dragons and they talked me into playing again. That’s when it got serious.


What is your current level, team, and league?

Right now, I’m level 366. My team is PaleHorseRider, and we’re currently in Diamond 2.


What initially drew you to War Dragons?

I’m a big fan of dragons and fantasy type games. War Dragons is the best of both worlds!


Out of all the various things to do in the game, such as collecting dragons, building up a powerful base, forming powerful guilds, ect., what’s been your favorite aspect and why?

I like mastering the flying styles of all the different dragons. I like to know how to use their spells, understand their limitations, and discern what they’re best at. Plus, trying to beat bases with dragons that I have no business using is always fun.


You were recently an officer on a Diamond 2 Team. That’s quite the feat! What was it like having that kind of position on such a high-tier team?

It was a lot of fun! It can also be time consuming with the extra work that comes with the role.


As an officer, how did you set expectations for events and wars with the members of your team, and communicate with the rest of the team’s officers and leader?

I didn’t really have much to do with wars. We had an officer that filled that role. But with events, I made sure everyone knew the strategy heading in. Sometimes things changed and the team had to adapt. Some PvP events forced us to work together with other teams so I played diplomat to get other teams to work with us.


What have been some of your most profound learnings from being a Diamond 2 officer?

I’ve learned so much from being on other D2 teams, it’s tough to pinpoint just one thing.


Since you’ve been with the game for so long, it’s no surprise that you know the ins and outs of almost everything about it! What is the best piece of advice you can offer to newer War Dragons players?

Do some research! There are so many more guides now than when I started. Read the forums, go on YouTube, and ASK QUESTIONS!


You recently attended the War Dragons Summit, a special event with the Dragons team where attendees could discuss all things War Dragons. What was your experience like attending the Summit?

I had a blast! It was great meeting the staff at Pocket Gems and some of the players.


What were some of your biggest takeaways from the Summit? Are there learnings you can bring back to the team or other players?

The biggest takeaway, for me, is that Pocket Gems works harder than us players give them credit for. They actually do care what we as players have to say.


What was your favorite thing you got to experience at the Summit, or members of the Dragons team you had a chance to chat with?

Hmmmm, tough question. I guess I would have to say the focus groups. I really enjoyed talking with the staff, especially the events staff. They seemed to be really excited about an idea I had.


You’re also a member of both the Creators AND Gameplay Factions! What’s it like to be one of the few people in both of these Factions?

It’s a lot of work. Between the game, what I do for the CF, and the GPF discussions, there’s not much time for anything else. It’s very rewarding, though, when I see people talk about one of my videos.


What kind of content do you create on behalf of the Creators Faction?

I make flight videos of the Dragons. It started out as a guide to flying them but has now evolved into being more like highlight videos.


Where can we find your work online? Anything recently released that we can show off?

I have a YouTube channel - IIIRogueIII WD. It features Dragon spotlights and general tips for flying against tough bases. Here’s a video of me spotlight the hunter Whalegnawer from the Gold Tier.


Going Rogue - Whalegnawer Spotlight


When you’re not playing War Dragons, what else do you like to do in your free time?

What is this “free time” you speak of? I work, play the game, and try to raise two daughters, ages 8 and 12. So, I don’t have much spare time!


If people want to connect with you online or in-game, what is the best way for them to do so?

Shoot me a message in-game or on Twitter at @delawarefury.


Last question…Chunk, or Axi? There can only be ONE.

Axi. I so regret not getting Axi.


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