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Dragon Rune Removal

War Dragons - Rune Removal

What runes will you move to a new dragon?


Runes are powerful items that can be upgraded and equipped to boost the strength and abilities of dragons and towers in the game. In the case of Tower (Monument) Runes, players can choose to remove and salvage previously equipped runes for dust. Dragon runes, however, require a lot more commitment, as their attachment to a dragon is permanent.


However, with more tiers of dragons being added over time and more seasonal dragons being introduced each season, which dragons players use in their roster are always changing. To allow more flexibility in customizing your dragons’ runes, we’re proud to release the ability to remove and re-equip runes on dragons to a limited extent.


Rune removal will be released alongside Version 5.09! Chisels will be added into prizing with our next PvP event. 

How it Works

Runes can be removed from a dragon using Chisels, a new consumable made specifically for this purpose, which can be earned by just playing the game. The removed rune will be returned to the Rune Vault, where it can then be equipped onto a different dragon.


  • To remove a rune from a dragon, select it from your active roster, and tap on the Equip tab.

  • Then, under Runes, select the rune you wish to modify.

  • From the listed actions, select ‘Remove’ to consume Chisels in order to send the rune back to your Rune Vault.

  • Alternatively, you can still select ‘Upgrade’ to upgrade your rune with Rune Dust, or ‘Salvage’ to destroy the rune for Rune Dust in return.

Removal Costs


Rune Rarity Chisel Cost
Common 1
Rare 3
Epic 10
Legendary 35
Mythic 100


Why not make the feature cost Rubies?


The pursuit of the perfect rune encourages engagement in specific parts of the game beyond just "repeat whatever is the most efficient way to earn rubies". We believe it's important that different non-Ruby rewards in the game continue to matter in the way that Runes currently do.

How do I obtain Chisels?

Chisels can be obtained through event prizing and participation. They’ll be added to existing event prizing across prize tiers in addition to what prizes are currently available; moreover, none of the chisels added to prizing is expected to dilute what is already available. These will not be obtainable from chests at this time.


Alongside this release, we’ll be gifting everyone with some Chisels for rune removal based on your player level! Please note that players below level 15 will also receive chisels but will not see their balance until they have unlocked the rune feature in the game.


Player Level Free Chisels
0 - 59 20
60 - 119 40
120 - 179 60
180 - 239 80
240 - 299 100
300 - 359 100
360 - 419 120
420 - 479 130
479 + 140


Rune Balancing

The old paradigm of permanent Dragon rune attachment meant that many runes were designed without transferability in mind. We quickly discovered that there were certain rune effects that would create undesired gameplay situations when stacked with each other. 


To make sure balance within the game doesn’t break, we will be implementing changes that cap these game breaking functionalities in an upcoming Version Release. Please note that if you commit all your chisels to a rune removal to a rune functionality that breaks the game, we will not be compensating for these choices. 


What are your thoughts on the Rune Removal feature? Discuss with fellow Dragon Lords over on the War Dragons Forums!

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