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Harness the Power of Your Old Towers with Tower Transformation

War Dragons - Tower Transformation

What towers will you transform?

The Tower Transformation beta is finally coming to War Dragons! We’ve recently detailed this feature in our Development Update: November 2019, but here’s a quick reminder of the driving force behind Tower Transformation: 


Players want the ability to experiment with different types of defense, as well as to convert the older towers on their base or in their storage into progress towards a current, effective base [...] We plan to offer options for converting a single existing tower to a different type, as well as for merging multiple towers into bonus levels for another existing tower.

How does it work?


Tower Transformation works by taking a portion of a tower’s build value (in terms of resources & time) and applying it towards the value the new tower being transformed or merged. 


Perches are excluded from transformation/merger. It applies only between primary defensive towers, and from totems to other totems.


  • Towers must be at least level 10 to qualify for merger or transformation, and you must meet the usual restrictions on player level, builder hut level, maximum per type, island placement, etc. in order to complete the action. 

  • To Transform a tower into another, select it in your base, and tap on “Transform” where you’ll be able to select a different tower to transform your tower.

  • To Merge a stored or active tower’s value into an active one, select the tower in your base, tap on “Upgrade”, and then select the “Merge” tab on the left.

  • In both Transform and Merge actions, the consumed tower's value is determined by converting a portion of its premium resources (Time, Ice/Fire Shards, and Elemental Embers). This calculation is the same for all players and is independent of construction bonuses, but does factor applicable tier-based discounting. More details below.


The result of a merge will be capped by the usual tower restrictions, such as the max tower level you can build naturally. If you combine towers that produce excess value in XP beyond what level cap you are currently at, the excess value will be lost; this means that if you were to end up with a level 30 tower when you could only have a level 20, those 10 levels between the two would disappear into the Void.

What will it cost to transform/merge a tower?

There is no upfront cost for the action of transforming or merging towers! Instead, the “cost” will be reflected in the reduced value of the tower consumed. We want Tower Transformation to be a highlight of our Year of the Player efforts and to show our appreciation for our most loyal players, so we plan to launch the beta with 95% efficiency on the value of consumed towers when transforming or merging a tower. 


Some examples:

  • When transforming between towers that require the same resources, the 95% value efficiency means you'll get back a new tower of only slightly lower level (e.g. Dark Flak L85 to Fire Flak L83).

  • When transforming between tiers, the tower level difference will be more significant because of the conversion between resources (e.g. from Time to Time+Embers, for Archer L85 to Dark Flak L60).

  • The same value efficiency applies when merging multiple towers into one. 


What about the XP I’ve already gained from my towers? Will I lose the levels I already have gained?

In situations where total player XP would normally be reduced by transforming a tower to a lower level, we’ll instead keep your player level where it currently is and increase the distance to your next level so that everything matches up again once you get there. This difference is shown as "Required XP" in the transformation or merger screen.


When will this new feature come to the game?

Tower Transformation will launch later this week or early next week. Players will be able to freely join the beta. We plan to run it at least through the end of the year, at which point we'll look at all of the data and evaluate any adjustments which may be needed in hopes of ultimately making this a permanent part of War Dragons.

What do these features look like in game?

Merge Tower: 

War Dragons - Tower Merge


Tower Transformation: 

War Dragons - Tower Transformation How-To



What are your thoughts on Tower Transformation? Discuss with fellow Dragon Lords over on the War Dragons Forums!


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