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War Dragons Summit 2019

War Dragons Summit 2019

Take Part in Conversations with our team this November!


The War Dragons team will be hosting another War Dragons Player Summit 2019 to celebrate all of our amazing players who have bonded, grown, and flown Dragons with us throughout the years! We’ll be hosting this event in the San Francisco Bay Area between Wednesday, November 13th and Friday, November 15th


For the first time ever, we have some exciting ways for all Dragon Lords to share in the experience! We’ll have livestreams, Q&A sessions, swag bags, and an exclusive-summit portrait! Read on for all the ways the community can join in with these conversations with our developers.


Summit Livestreams


During this year’s Summit, many of our panels will be livestreamed on our Twitch Channel for all Dragon Lords to join! Five panels in total will be streamed across both Wednesday, November 13th, and Thursday, November 14th. Members of the War Dragons development team, some of whom you may recognize from our livestreams and the forums, will be giving these presentations. And you never know - there may be some spoilers for what’s to come to War Dragons in the near future.


If you are unable to join the stream in real-time, never fear! We will have them available to view as archived videos on our Twitch Channel


War Dragons - Summit 2019 Livestream Schedule


Online-only Q&A Livestream Panels


Each day, Arelyna will be hosting a Livestream Q&A with members of our development team. These streams will be exclusive for all of our Dragon Lords not in attendance at the event! 

Want to ask a question? Players will be able to submit their burning questions for the War Dragons team through this form between today and November 10th, and we will try to answer about 10 submitted questions per stream.  Additionally, we will be answering some questions asked in chat during the stream. Players whose questions are chosen for the stream will receive a Summit 2019 Swag Bag filled with some old favorites, such as the Dodo Plush, and some new items, such as an all-new Dragon pin! 

Wednesday’s panel will feature developers from Design, Events & Seasons, and a few others, while Thursday’s panel will feature developers from Lore, Design, Art, and a few others. Please note that questions will be selected based on relevance to our panel members; certain questions may not be read aloud if they are out of scope for our panelists.


Ready to submit questions for our online Q&A? Click on the link below to fill out the form!


Submit a Question for our Livestream Q&A Summit Panels!


Universal Summit Portrait

If we get 400 concurrent viewers on either of the Q&A streams, all Dragon Lords will receive a Summit 2019 portrait, so we need everyone’s help to achieve this feat! It will only be available during this event, so make sure to share the link to the stream or any of our social posts with your teammates to help get us one step closer to the portraits below!

War Dragons - Summit 2019 Universal Portraits

Left: Female portrait; Right: Male portrait


Summit 2019 Party


After Thursday’s panels conclude, the War Dragons Team will be hosting a final Summit 2019 Party for all Summit attendees and War Dragons developers. This year, we’re opening up 20 tickets for Dragon Lords in the area to attend and meet both fellow Dragon Lords and War Dragons Developers alike.


The 20 tickets will become available today, November 5th at 6pm PT.


Players wishing to attend and snag a ticket must:

  • Be 21 years or older to come to the event. Anyone under 21 will be turned away at the door.

  • Bring a valid ID, such as a Driver’s License.

  • Be responsible for their own parking and/or transportation to or from the party venue.


Want to snag a ticket? Click on the link below to claim your Eventbrite ticket!

Claim your ticket to the Summit Party beginning at 6pm PT today, November 5th!

Stay up to date with the latest on the Dragons Summit 2019 by following War Dragons on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as we will be giving updates throughout the event. For more news and announcements, we’ll see you on the Dragons Forums!



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