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June 2019 Dragon Lord Spotlight - RPW

War Dragons - May DLS - RPW


Happy June, Dragon Lords! To celebrate our entrance into the warm Summer months, our Dragon Lord Spotlight features a bright personality in the Dragons Community: RPW! Since September 2017, RPW has brought positive perspectives, tips & tricks, news, and tons of other content to her various Dragons videos and is a shining force in the Creators Faction. She even got her whole fam to play the game! Check out more of RPW’s accomplishments in our interview below.


Dragon Lord Spotlight: RPW


Dragon Lord Spotlight - Creators Faction Portrait

What is your current level, team, and league?

I’m level level 361 on DarkShades in Plat


When did you start playing War Dragons?
I started playing on September 1st, 2017.

How did you discover War Dragons?

Funny story, actually! My husband, post deployment, found himself enveloped by the world of War Dragons for a good year, so I patiently shared him with a game that I knew nothing about. Then, about a week before I took the plunge into War Dragons, the final episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 had aired and I was struggling to find my dragon fix (which is likely what led to the following week’s events). My husband was half listening to me as he was playing War Dragons (a common thing since he began playing!), so to be silly, I threw a fake fit and downloaded it as I exclaimed, “Lets see what all the fuss about!” Not even a day into it I was already so deep into the game that I had begun to research game information and was even teaching my husband some tricks I learned thanks to contributors such as Odin of Youtube and Alleviates of!


Out of all the various things to do in the game, such as collecting dragons, building up a powerful base, forming powerful guilds, etc, what is your favorite aspect and why?

It’s hard to pinpoint one single thing, but I think the thing that keeps me hooked on War Dragons is the Season prizes because I love to collect and see how far I can go. One thing I enjoy doing regularly is developing strategies for the team and personal gain, and more importantly, communicating with those on my team and even the many supporters and friends on my YouTube Channel! Any strategy can be the best in the world, but if you can’t effectively communicate them with your team, you might as well not even have one. You can ask anyone who has had time with me...the mass messages are fairly regular!


“RPW” stands for “RoyalPayneWife”, a former, longer version of your name. Where does your original name come from (as it relates to your team or outside the game)?

Back to your earlier question, my husband had been playing the game for about a year prior to me. I honestly didn’t expect to take this game so far as I have since I generally never play a game for more than a few months. When I started my account, I simply went with what’s natural as I am a “Military Wife” so I added “Wife” to the end of the husbands in-game name “XxRoyalPaynexX”, which correlated with his long-time team “RoyalAbyss” and our last name “Payne.”


As a member of the War Dragons Creators Faction, you post weekly videos on your RPW Gaming YouTube Account. What can players expect to watch and learn on your channel?

The most popular video I religiously post every single week is, of course, “Talk Dragons Tuesday”, which is a series where I give all the weekly news and current information for the upcoming week in War Dragons as well as weekly giveaways for a $20 in-game pack. Outside of this, I tailor most of my videos for beginner to intermediate style players with my series such as the Beginners Guide to War Dragons. I also do video series including Event guides, Atlas Explorer, RPW Investigates, livestreams, and my newest series, “Back to the Basics”, which is an updated version of my Beginners Guide series.

One of my favorite series to do would have to be “Let’s Talk Dragons!”, which is where I record conversations between myself and different players within the game to talk about different subjects relating to War Dragons or even promote others who are doing great things for War Dragons. I have had guests such as Poseidon (who drew a beautiful dragon and made me into a rider for my channel), Skyline (when he was starting his channel), several War Dragons employees for more official discussions, family members that shared a love for the game, and much more!

RPW Logo from PoseidonPQ

You’re well known in the Dragons Community for your positive disposition and welcoming personality! What have been some of your favorite moments to share with other Dragons players?
Anytime that I can create a video that helps other players better understand the game and opens their mind to changes within the game that they might find intimidating or concerning is my favorite moment, every moment! I understand that there are lots of things that have happened in the game, whether they are a positive or a negative experience. Most of the time, even if response has been negative, the majority of players will continue to fly their favorite Dragons. I try to avoid fueling the fire and feel it’s best to encourage positive thoughts and actions that lead to welcome changes in a more approachable manner. I also try to remind folks about the efforts that have been made as positive changes by the War Dragons team at Pocket Gems.


How do you utilize your skills in photography, videography, and graphic design to create your weekly Dragons videos?

Many types of gaming videos out there are mostly showing gameplay footage. As a creative soul, doing these types of videos doesn’t give me that needed creative outlet. From the beginning, I’ve utilized my skills to create aesthetically pleasing imagery with more detailed breakdowns of certain aspects within the game. My video style is more like a presentation or a slideshow series with mix-ins of in-game action and more, all while doing most of the post-production edits with voiceovers to ensure a “to the point” video style. However, I mostly use my iPad to create these videos because it’s more time efficient, so my tools are limited. As technology continues to advance, I’m able to do more and more with my videos!


What was it like to found a team in-game? Where is RoyalGuardians now?

It’s been such a special experience to birth a team alongside some very special players, including my husband XxRoyalPaynexX, best friend KevinDurcant, and many family members, including my parents. The creation of the team back in November 2017 is just a fragment of its story, and since then, so many players have been a huge part of why RoyalGuardians is well known amongst its Platinum League peers and also why we usually rank at the top of events.

Currently, RoyalGuardians is in a standby mode in Gold due to my life being so hectic as we prepare for move to our next duty station! Don’t let this fool you, as we will be back to our normal glowing state in the future. Many of us are enjoying the more relaxed play style through the Summer break while others are getting comfortable with Atlas, without having to worry about defending castles.


Many players have a go-to Dragon Class that they love to fly and have learned to master. What Dragon Class has been your favorite to get to know and feel confident flying with?

Wow such a true statement! For me, this is the Sorcerer Class, mostly because of my time with Equestor! This Dragon provides what feels like a faster flight on PvE-style bases, easy backup for lower level players, and allows me to multitask all at the same time. I call Equestor an “autopilot” Dragon because I can literally wash dishes or edit videos while their Lightning Familiar spell (the Guardian Dragon) does most of the work! Being a leader, player of alternate accounts, a video creator, and having my own personal account, all while managing a hectic life, I find efficiency to be more important than beating the biggest bases. I leave the talented flying to my fellow able-bodied teammates!

Do other members of your family play War Dragons?

Yes! A few have since parted ways due to the high demands of life, but I have had the honor of playing alongside my parents, sisters, nephews, husband, and even my own kids. Fun fact: my kids actually started playing before me!


What is your current favorite event type and why?

The fact that we have different events cycling through each Season keeps the game fresh and prevents stagnation. It’s one of my favorite aspects, so it’s really hard to say that any one is my favorite. Each event has an aspect that makes them stand out. Fortification is great because I love to plan my base build and earn my score early so I can focus on other important tasks. Breeding is all about pushing for that next Tier and watching the excitement in others when they reach a goal Tier they desired. Fight Pits is great for running and organizing waves. Gauntlet is excellent for grinding for Wildfires. Kingdom Wars has many strategic options. Finally, Temple Raid has such a unique makeup, and points through guardian attacks cost no energy to earn!


What are some of your favorite portraits in-game, and why?

Portraits are not a major focus for me, but my top three would have to be:

  1. The witchy feel of the “Conjurer”, which was my go to earlier on

  2. The “Pirate Captain” [Swann], which I sadly do not have, but matches my “Atlas Explorer Series” so well!

  3. Of course, “The Creator”. Partly because I’m a huge fan of Poseidon’s art, who created the design and concept of this portrait, and partly because I am proud to be a part of the Creators Faction.

I’m not sure I will ever be able to change my portrait from “The Creator” because it’s just sooooo beautiful and has become a part of my in-game identity!


When you’re not playing War Dragons, what do you like to do in your free time?

Not sure the community wants to read a we’ll just list some things. I truly live, breath, and bleed a creative life in everything I do, whether it is homeschooling my kids, providing photography and media content for clients, restoring life into treasures such as furniture, decor, or other unique finds, playing the piano, crafting, or making over a client before a photoshoot, to name a select few…literally! Outside of this, I am generally found spending my time laughing along side my husband and kids as we are a goofy bunch who just want to enjoy the fun aspects of life!


If you could soar through the sky on the back of a single War Dragon, which one would it be and why?

I want to say Equestor because they’re charged with energy (which I lack at times!) and they have always been a Dragon I leaned on, which is why they are at expert with 3 billion extra XP!


If people want to connect with you and your Dragons content, what is the best way for them to do so?

I created a Line group for a few YouTube personalities such as Odin, Skyline, and some newbies like The Grind to gather and share content with others; my Line ID is RoyalPayneWife. I also have my Facebook Page, Royal Payne Wife, and YouTube Channel, RPW Gaming.


Lastly… which Dragon are you most excited for in the Summerkai Season?

Festive! I am generally an advocate for the Festive Dragons, and with good reason, as I LOVE Somnus!



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