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Introducing Season Leaderboards

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Starting Wednesday, 4/21

Earn Season Points through the end of Celestial Rift Season and win exclusive prestige prizes!

You can earn Season Points by:

  • Placing in the Top 1000 rank earn from Global Event Ranking
  • Individual Progression Event Rewards at rank 5/10/15/20/25/30
  • Opening Chests

This is a Beta Test of this new feature and we will be monitoring the Leaderboard closely and make tweaks as needed.

Season Points breakdown Individual Event Progression Prizes:




Your Seasonal Rank will update everyday based on your total season points. Note that the Season Leaderboard ranking will only show the top 1000 players. If your rank is 1000+, your season leaderboard rank will be shown after the 1000th player.


The rewards will be distributed at the end of the season leaderboards. You will receive the following number of prestige coins based on your rank, which you can then use in a limited time season leaderboard branch at the end of the leaderboards to get the following exclusive prizes.


The limited time branch where you can gain your rewards by using prestige coins will be available for two weeks after the season ends.

Portrait A: Antiope des Cieux



Portrait B: Inferna Malevola


Portrait C: Celestial Honor Guard


Fly on over to the official War Dragons Forums to discuss these new Season branches with the community!

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