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New Event Preview: Assault

A new mini-event inspired by the original Blackbloods event starts this upcoming Monday!

Assault is a solo event with Individual and Global Leaderboard prizes so you can track your own dragon flying skills and strength against others in the game. Work at your at your own pace to defeat as many of the Blackbloods bases as possible!


War Dragons - Assault Event

  • Use Energy to attack enemy bases and earn points

War Dragons - Assault Event

  • Gain up to 25% more points per base for defeating bases while flying with weaker dragons relative to base strength

  • Defeating a base requires 100% destruction

War Dragons - Assault Event

  • Higher level bases will have an increased chance of special item drops including Summer Destiny Sigils, Resource Packs, and Bronze and Silver Chests.

War Dragons - Assault Event

  • You will reach a “Checkpoint” every 5 bases, denoted by the flag in the image above

  • The Blackbloods’ forces will push back to your last Checkpoint if you not attack for 3 hours. Keep the pressure up on the front!


[Q]: When does the event run?
[A]:The mini-event will fit between main events, so Monday to Wednesday.

[Q]: Can I re-attack bases to improve my score?
[A]: Absolutely! It will still cost energy, but you can go back to maximize your points on weaker bases if you think you’ve reached your highest potential already. Only your highest score is counted at the end.

[Q]: How are scores calculated for successful attacks of bases?
[A]: The calculation compares your dragon’s attack rating against the defense power rating of the base. Boosts affecting your dragon are counted in this figure. If you use more than one Dragon, then the sum of those Dragons’ attack rating is used.

[Q]: Will chests drop Energy Packs?
[A]: Yes, chests will drop Energy Packs during this event.

[Q]: What can I earn for participating?
Special drops for successful attacks can contain Sigils, Resource Packs, or Bronze and Silver Chests. In addition to those are also individual progression prizes just like in major events.

[Q]: What if I run into a base that’s too difficult? Can I skip it?
You can skip a base by paying rubies. If you do so, you will receive the base amount of points for defeating a base, but you will not receive any bonus points. Currently, you can only skip bases up to your player level.

[Q]: Can I declare War during this event?

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