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Summer Season Introduction

The Summer Season is almost here, Dragon Lords!

As you participate in events starting June 7, 2017, you will be earning Summer Destiny Sigils in Individual and Team Prizes, as well as in Bronze and Gold Chests!

These Summer Destiny Sigils can be used to claim prizes in the Seasons tab and you’ll be able to progress through the branches of your choosing.

Each branch will feature a different Divine Dragon and unique portraits that will only be attainable during the Summer Season.


Dragon Lords across the land have been wondering what the theme of the Summer Season will be! After all, we featured nature themed dragons for Spring and dragons equipped to handle Winter’s bitter cold.

Speculate no more! We are turning up the heat with our favorite classics… but SUPER CHARGED.

Summer Season Divine - Kinnarus               Summer Season Divine - Borgian

At the start of the Summer Season, two of the three primary branches will be available.
The first features Kinnarus, a graceful, yet deadly relative of the Sorcerer, Kinnara, and the second contains Borgian, a Hunter and vicious cousin of the Borg.

The bonus branch will also make a return this season with Drakius, an armored up, beefy Warrior. Unlike his little brother, Draco, this dragon has the power to sap the life from enemies and will do whatever it takes to push forward in battle.

For the first two weeks, until June 20, 2017, Drakius and the entire bonus branch will be claimable for 50% fewer Summer Destiny Sigils!

Summer Season Divine - Drakius

Check out our Summer Divine Dragon Preview soon for a full breakdown of spells and stats.


Behold! The new portraits available to obtain are sure to impart a sense of magic, wonder, and awe! Represent yourself with the powers of an Archmage, or get ready to go toe-to-toe in combat with the Kelsis Knight.

Female Archmage

Archmage Knight

Male Archmage

Kelsis Knight

War Dragons Archmage Female

War Dragons Archmage Knight

War Dragons Archmage Male

War Dragons - Kelsis Knight



  • We’ve reworked the Blackbloods event into a new event called “Assault.” Assault will be a solo event that players complete on their own for prizes. Test your flying skills with different dragons for more points!
    Look out for more details to come in a separate post.



  • A Divine Warrior Dragon will be released later in the season as part of the third primary branch.

  • Similarly to previous seasons, obtaining the highest Evolution Stone for the three primary Divine Dragons is required to unlock the Mythic Sorcerer Divine Dragon.

  • New chest types will appear this season! They will feature special items like new runes, double sigils, or other special offers. We'll be releasing news of these chests throughout the season.


Ready to light up the skies? Before you fly off, let us know which of the new portraits or dragons you are most excited for!
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