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Summer Season 2017 Divine Dragon Updates

Thanks to player feedback about the relative strength of the 2017 Summer Seasonal Dragons, we’re making several spell changes to improve their battle performance! We hope these changes will make these dragons more fun and effective in battle.

Summer Season Changes:

  • All the current Summer Seasonal Dragons will be upgraded from Legendary Emerald to Mythic Emerald strength. For all tiers below Emerald, these dragons will remain of Legendary quality.
  • The final Mythic Dragon will have the ability to evolve to Obsidian tier (upon that tier’s release at a later date).

Spell Changes to Kinnarus:

  • White Summon Warrior will be replaced with "Dodo Guardian".
  • Dodo Guardian: A Passive 0 Rage Summon Dodo spell that heals Kinnarus for 33% of damage taken, and increases Rage point generation by 20%. This tiny flying Dodo attacks for you and never dies. Not affected by any existing Runes or research.
  • Freeze Replaced with Earthquake, a 1 Rage, Red area damage spell that disables towers for 2 seconds.
  • Rising Phoenix replaced with Invincibility Shield.
  • Archer Resist replaced with Lightning Resist.


Developer’s Note: While true to the spirit of the original dragon Kinnara, Summon Warrior did not perform as well in higher tiers where stronger towers would make quick work of the difficult to use summon. This spell, in addition to the control functions of Earthquake and Invincibility should be a marked improvement both offensively and defensively for Kinnarus.

Spell Changes to Borgian:

  • Lockdown Replaced by Cloak
  • Thunderbolt now deals significantly more damage, but is unaffected by research that only applies to chain lightning bounces.
Developer’s Note: Lockdown was too weak of a control spell to be used in conjunction with the rest of this dragon’s spell set, so Cloak has replaced it as one of the more effective Hunter staples.

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