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You’re Invited to the Trading Post Grand Opening

Dear Dragon Lords,

My name is Reginald. Some of you may already know me. I was, and still am, a professional Dragonrider, but with time, my priorities have shifted and I no longer crave the adrenaline of riding Dragons into battle... as much as I used to, at least. 

Instead, I’ve decided to wind down a little, and with a little help from the friends I made along the way, we managed to start a handy little shop! I'll be providing you with new, exciting provisions which I'll be replenishing each and every day!

“Where” you may ask? Well, it will be stationed inside the Events/Seasons portal - once you’re inside, look for the big ‘ol “Trading Post” sign; you won’t miss it. 

Cordially yours,


How will it work?

Similarly to the way the “Mystery Branch” operated, the Trading Post will contain items available for purchase for ~24 hours. Then, when the clock strikes at 2:00pm PT each day, the contents of the Trading Post will reset. Be sure to log in each day, to check out what items are available for purchase..

Share your thoughts on the Trading Post by flying over to the War Dragons Forums -- we can’t wait to see what you think about Reginald’s new endeavor!

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