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More Diverse Character Representation in War Dragons

Earlier this year, we promised to support the Black Lives Matter movement and followed through on that promise with donations to these organizations supporting Black Lives Matter:

  • Know Your Rights Camp
  • Black and Pink
  • Equal Justice Initiative
  • Public Advocates
  • NAACP Legal Defense Fund

We’re taking another small step. We continue to invest in diversity and inclusion and follow up on our promise to systematically support our communities, by deliberately creating more diverse in-game portraits for players to choose from at all player levels.

We took a hard look at the War Dragons player experience, and listened to some helpful words from our players, and realized that we forced many new players to choose in-game portraits that didn’t accurately represent their backgrounds. These portraits are in-game avatars representing players in interactive social spaces, like in-game chat, and the War Dragons forums.

Character diversity will grow with you

We’re deliberately ensuring that we include a diverse swath of ethnicities in our in-game artwork. New players choosing their starting avatars will have a more inclusive selection to choose from. Players will continue to see that diversity scale with them as they gain experience and level up over time.

We will include more diverse Milestone portraits, achievement portraits, and Season-portraits in our effort to be more inclusive.

How soon can we expect to see these new portraits?

We’ve already started including more representation! Beatrice the Forgekeeper is one of our newest Milestone portraits - available as the second Milestone of the Sunscorch season.

War Dragons will continue to release new portraits on the same timeline, and we’ll also be designing new, more representative portraits for players during the early game onboarding. These more diverse portraits for new players will, of course, be free of charge. You shouldn’t have to pay to be represented faithfully.

We’re not done yet!

As we mentioned earlier, this is just another small step that we’re taking in the name of progress. While we’re doing our best to look for new ways to continue growing, your continued feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Indeed, it was feedback from players that helped us launch this very initiative!

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us. We’ll see you in the air!

- The War Dragons Team 

What do you think about our new steps to make War Dragons more inclusive? Discuss with fellow Dragon Lords over on the War Dragons Forums!

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