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Unleash the Creeping Madness of the Drakul Pylon

The Drakul Pylon brings a dark ominous presence to any base. Their pulsating hearts and tendrils wrapping around powerful crystals cause their handlers to go through uneasy nights - rendering many of them sleepless and driving them mad. Drakul Pylons feeds off of the life-force of your enemies and uses their very essence against them.

Learn all about it by checking out the FAQ below.  

Drakul Pylon FAQ

What to expect from the Drakul Pylon's regular attack?

The Drakul Pylon is characterized by its ability to heal itself based on the damage it deals to dragons. Its normal attack is a long-range beam that deals comparable damage to Fire Flak Towers.

What is the Drakul Pylon's Supershot ability?

The Drakul Pylon's Supershot ability is a beam that increases the vulnerability of targeted dragons, causing them to take greatly increased damage for the duration of the Supershot attack.

What is the range of the Drakul Pylon's regular and Supershot attacks?

Its range can be likened to any existing beam-type tower currently in the game, such as Ice Turret and Storm Tower.

How many Drakul Pylons can I build?

Currently, the Drakul Pylon can be built once per small island, similar to the restrictions on Elemental Flak Towers.

At what level can I build my first Drakul Pylon?

You can build the Drakul Pylon once you have reached Level 45.

How many Drakul Pylon can I build?

  • Player Level 45: 1 

  • Player level 50: 2

  • Player level 70: 2

  • Player level 80: 3

When will the Drakul Pylon become available?

The Drakul Pylon will be available in this week's Fortification Frenzy event.

How do I upgrade the Drakul Pylon?

The Drakul Pylon can be upgraded using Electrum Bars, which can be obtained from the new Drakul Pylon Seasonal Branch. There will be enough Electrum Bars in the Drakul Pylon Seasonal Branch for players to get the Drakul Pylon to the max level.

Drakul Pylon’s Stats

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