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September's Dragon Lord Spotlight - Alleviates

This month we’re shining the spotlight on an outstanding, positive force in our community, Alleviates!

Alleviates has been hard at work creating a new website with a ton of resources for War Dragons players that you will definitely want to visit. Learn more about her and the epic project she is working on in our interview with Alleviates below and check out the highlight from our Twitch stream.

What is your current level, team, and league?

[A]: My current level is 182. I mean 82! ;D I’m on the team, the MadHatters, and we lurk down in the Platinum league for now.


When did you start playing War Dragons?

[A]: I think I started playing around September of last year.


What initially drew you to War Dragons?

[A]: Well, it was a cold, gloomy autumn day while I was playing my “game” of that time (don’t laugh), Dragon City. DC is a simplistic dragon breeding/farm type game that my boyfriend had gotten me into when we dated long-distance. I was watching ads in the game to earn diamonds (or rubies or whatever the prized currency is in that game) when came on the screen these amazing, three-dimensional roaring beasts surrounded in epic music and beauty of the War Dragons universe. And I put down Dragon City and never went back. All my DC dragons must be dead by now. But what can I say, I’m a one-game woman, that’s how I roll.


Why have you stuck with the game?

[A]:  There are so many reasons I have stuck with the War Dragons game. Initially, I was glued because of the immersive game play: enchanting music and graphics, challenge of building a perfect home base, breeding and raising beautiful and talented dragons like children, living in a world where your dragons fly intense missions and just get tired but never die.

About 2 months after I started playing War Dragons, my boyfriend who is also a gamer (and I had actually met in 2013 on another MMORPG called “Pocket Legends”) decided to give WD a try. He too was glued. If your significant other/best friend/friends don’t already play War Dragons, I can’t stress enough how much fun it is to fly XP runs, revenge attacks, wars, and other missions together day after day with them. Half of what he and I talk about in real life is probably about what is going on in War Dragons land. 

By the way, now is the best time to get your family and friends into the game because of a new prize dragon in the game called “Phweemp.” There is a little tutorial about this on my website.


You've recently started a really great project featuring War Dragons! Can you tell us a little more about that?

[A]:  This summer I was tempted to apply to an honorary little organization of artists within the War Dragons universe called the Creators Faction. The questions were short and simple. Basically I was asked for links to examples of things I’ve done in my life that could be shown online. I never thought for a moment I stood a chance at being considered for the Creators Faction. Still, I continued to like every single post, contest, or anything Pixxel posted on Facebook, attended every Twitch show of hers that I possibly could, and kept on dreaming.

One summer day during a Twitch while Pixxel was naming winners for a giveaway, I heard her mispronounce my Twitch name. I had finally won something! I nearly fainted. More exciting yet, in a few days I received an email from her that I’d been chosen to be a member of the Creators Faction. I nearly fainted again.

I consider being a part of the Creators Faction one of my greatest projects ever.

Suddenly immersed in a chat with remarkable artists who also are pro in the game, I was certainly awed and humbled by what they had to share. Then, I was immediately humbled yet again. What was my great contribution to the Creators Faction to be? Most of these guys are level 200 Diamond league players with popular artwork, podcasts, YouTube channels, and other substantial contributions to the War Dragons cause already. A few lessons in my life have taught me to use God-given gifts, and for me one of those is Web Design. I would make a website for War Dragons intended to be a non-stop shop for tips, insider news from the Creators Faction, and reference of everything on the Web I could get my hands on to help people in the game:   

So since the creation of the website, I’ve strove to do the above, but since then I’ve actually attempted to engage the interest of Creators Faction artists who might like to also showcase their work on my site. A couple of them took my offer and that became a wonderful website partnership with 2 folks in particular in the Creators Faction: LX460 and Marksimus, creators of a weekly podcast show. Together, with all our creation efforts and sharing on social media and in the game, we see nearly 8,000 visitors at our website every week.


Finding the right team for you is so important in this game.


What are some of your favorite guides and articles you've put together for the community?

[A]: Honestly, the first tutorial I made that Pixxel shared on Facebook was my favorite. This was a guide representing how I farm treasure chests during events: Being that it was my first publicity as a Creation Faction member, I was terrifically surprised at its popularity.  But the guide came from my heart and the strategies I shared in it were definitely that of me and my wingman/boyfriend (Adored in the game – feel free to attack his base as a thank you). 


Which of your guides do you think are the most essential for beginners? Are there any other essential resources that you would recommend?

[A]: This is a tough question as I am still working every day to populate the tutorial section of my website. A favorite tutorial that I created for newer players in the game is called “Bullies,” and I made it for several reasons. During my time in the game, I’d seen newer players quit for several reasons but one of the biggest was the “getting raided” aspect of the game. So, I attempted in my “Bullies” tutorial to explain why bases may be raided. I hoped that at least my pointers in that tutorial would put raids into perspective and discourage folks from quitting the game at a low level for that reason.


If people want to support your website and your work, what's the best way for them to do so?

[A]: Another great question… The best feeling for me is that I helped someone. If my website and work helps one player, then I have succeeded.

And, I hear LX460 is taking donations on the site for his podcast portion! :)


What have been some of your favorite moments in War Dragons so far?

[A]: Definitely some the best moments of my War Dragons tenure have been as a Creator.  Every day there is a good moment or two at least in the game for me because my significant other is flying by my side. This leads me to the next question...


Who are some of the standout personalities you like to play with and why?

[A]: Not instantaneous for every player, finding the right team for you is so important in this game. Once you are there and living with that “I’ll never leave this team” vibe, you know you’ve done it. It’s a great enjoyment to play with the chillaxed gals and guys of the Madhatters founded by MadDuds and MadBruv. Their motto is “Never fly sober,” but they make exceptions when needed for folks. Their team spirit is shown in so many ways and most glaringly by reputation and countless team members that incorporate parts of the team name in their in game name.

I had rolled around in Sapphire a while never really happy with the teams I had found or found me, and had remembered how suave the Hatters had seemed when I’d been in platinum. I couldn’t tell you why then or now. They’re just winners. No drama (don’t try it, my boyfriend was even removed once), nearly no wars (please don’t declare on them for me saying that), immensely generous, #1 in nearly every event (roar), a top 100 monument winning team.


How excited were you when the community voted for a female portrait on our Draw a Portrait live stream?

[A]: It was pretty exciting to see the community vote for a female portrait on the recent Draw a Portrait stream, but not surprising. This game has a high percentage of female players, and honestly I would love to see those statistics. In the only other MMORPG I loved years ago, the percentage was heavily male versus female. Which leads me to the next question….


What is one feature you really wish was in the game?

[A]: We should, in my humble opinion, have a male and female version of every avatar (except for maybe Pog). My reasoning is this: if I earn a portrait for an achievement, I should be able to choose the gender of my alias. Period. I would love to hear what others think about this.


What are your current goals within War Dragons?

[A]: Overall goals for me are ongoing, breed and level up better dragons, attempt to make a more strategic base, watch replays with delight rather than disdain. I’m kind of a different egg when it comes to things like medals. I don’t really care a flip how many medals I have in the game or for wars. Others like my boyfriend, Adored, are all about medal numbers. Each to their own. Being in the Creators Faction has even changed how I play the game. The game looks different to me now. I see gameplay in more of a universal, analytical light, in other words how can I make this game better? What ideas will I get in the game from a stranger today that I can pass to Pixxel and Joseph that might get implemented tomorrow? That is a strong feeling. And, it’s a really good one especially when it’s one of the main and only positives in your present life.


When you're not playing War Dragons, what else do you love to do in your free time?

[A]: Big pet lover here, we have four dogs, a ferret and a gerbil. I try to make art that no one buys (well not yet at least), knit or sew things for people who don’t want to wear them, and mostly work on things for the Creators Faction because it brings me joy. Well, the pets are grateful to me, too.


If you could soar through the sky on the back of a single War Dragon, which one would it be?

[A]: If for looks and a single ability, it would be Caladbolg. I love the colors and movement of that animal, and the fact it can distribute thunderstorms is pretty popping. 


Where else can people find you online?

[A]: The website of course! There are links to email me, follow or DM me on Twitter (@starcitydreamer), and follow the Facebook page.  I try to have the social icons on every page of the website, so you don’t have to remember anything but the name of my website,, to find me, but you can always drop a note in the game.

~ Alleviates

Huge thanks to Alleviates for participating in our interview and repping our Creators Faciton!

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