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New Dragons are Unearthed!

Unearthed Promo

With the convicts of the Ancient Prison released, denizens all across Atlas anxiously cast their gaze to the skies. But none noticed the shift happening below their feet - Tiallos, the Tremor Beneath the Sea, was shaping the land once more.

With an earth-shattering heave, new islands appeared off the coast of the No Man’s Land. More than mere barren rocks, these isles are sunken remnants of a bygone age. Enterprising dragons have already migrated over: to explore ruins, to seek treasure, to stake claim to the land….

And, for a select few, to unearth the long-lost Ancient Relics.

Harness the power of the past with the new dragons of the Unearthed season!

For more details, be sure to check out our forum post on this season!

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