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Enter Darkmire

Darkmire Season

The Twilight Woodlands has long been a place of strange energies and magic. Shrouded in mist and massive trees, ancient ruins hide forgotten spells, artifacts, and monsters. The energy of old magic is leaching into the very soil. Here is a place of both beauty and danger, living in tenuous harmony driven by the continuous cycle of day and night.

The Radiant Dragons represent Day, Dawn, Night and Dusk. Their brief control of the sky is a well-balanced cycle that keeps the world in perpetual motion. Within the Twilight Woodlands, these dragons have discovered a powerful magic and have begun taking full control of the region, casting it in perpetual dim light on the cusp of darkness.

These creatures of the night are emboldened and roam without fearing the light. If this imbalance continues and plunges the Woodlands into permanent night, the timeless struggle of the Radiant Dragons will be broken, causing cosmic disruption across the land-- potentially freezing some regions in darkness or leaving others to bake in the unending sun. The ripples across the Darkmire from these powers continue to widen and spell impending doom for all.

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