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Radiant Dragons: Providing A Light That Never Goes Out

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__The Radiant Tier has arrived… __ For ages, the secretive Radiant dragons have stood as silent guardians of time itself. They work together to guard and protect the vital cycle of night into day and the few that know of them count them among the most powerful dragons in existence. Now that ancient evils have been unearthed and dormant corrupting forces unchained, the Radiant dragons are taking a more active hand in the events of the world.

__Obtaining the Radiant Evolutionaries __

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These 4 Dragons will be released at a cost of 2,350 Egg Fragments per Dragon. Each Dragon will be able to be incubated at incubator Level 21 and Player Level 560. Tier 21 Dragons can be maxed out as Legendary at Dragon Level 40, Dragons Den Level 155, and player Level 575.

Note: the numbers above are for the Legendary evolution form of the dragon, we will release the Mythic evolution numbers later.

For more information on these dragons, be sure to check out our forum post!

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