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Bolster Your Defenses with Convenience!

When you apply a Boost to all Towers on your Island, your kingdom rests a little easier feeling protected with those juiced-up war machines watching the skies. However, applying boosts for just 6 hours at a time takes your time away from more exciting things, such as actual battling! And shouldn’t your thumbs rest easier, too? 

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve implemented the new ‘Add to Max’ button which will allow you to save time and remove the tedious task of boosting your towers.

Where can I access this feature?

Fear not, finding the new feature is simple; a new button has been added which will let you add 14-days worth of boosts with just two clicks - one to select, and one to confirm! 

Here’s how it will look like in-game:

What if my gauge is not empty, or I don’t have enough to boost my Base for 14 days?

If you’re still benefiting from a previous boost, the “Add to Max” button will simply use as many Boosts as needed to get you to that 14-day cap. We also won’t let you go over the cap, so you’ll never waste a Boost.

If you don’t have enough Boosts, you’ll have the option to rectify that with an in-game pop-up allowing you to acquire the remaining Boosts.


You’re on your way to saving time and energy now, we’d love your feedback on the new feature; please share it on the official War Dragon Forums!

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