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Scoring Change To Major Events

Up until now, all PvP Events where players would attack enemy Bases, they would gain points upon a successful attack, and the number of those points would be calculated based on the defender's current Level. However, over time we found that this needed to be updated to balance out our events and make them more competitive, so we decided to change scoring for our major events.

We received a lot of feedback from many players on how we can make things more balanced for our major events, and thanks to our wonderful community's insights, we decided on scaling the points based on the defender's Defense Power instead of their Level. What’s worth noting, is that the Base Score threshold remains unchanged (minimum of 75, and a maximum of 125).

We believe that this will rejuvenate the spirit of healthy competition and will make victories in these events much more rewarding!

Please let us know what you think about this change and whether you feel anything else could be improved by flying over to the War Dragons Forums - we love hearing from you!

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