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LotusBloom Limited-Time Branch: The Exotic Ice Flak Rune

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

We have a limited time branch available in this week’s event! This season’s Exotic Rune Branch will contain the exotic Ice Flak rune, and it will be available from May 20 to May 26. In addition, if you unlock all the items in this branch, you will earn a Lotusbloom key!

What will I find inside?

The branch will consist of 8 prizes: 3x Rune Dust, 3x Chisels, an Exotic Rune, and upon branch completion, a bonus Lotusbloom key! The prize which will be second to last will allow Dragon Lords to choose between two Exotic Runes: Ice Flak HP  & Ice Flak Attack. The total price of completing the branch will be 6,000 LotusBloom Sigils.

To summarize, here’s a breakdown of each of the prizes included in the branch:

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