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Lotusbloom Limited-Time Branch: XP Boosts, Potions & The Legendary Rune of Wisdom!

In this week's event, there will be an XP Boost branch available from May 27th to June 2 (expires at 11:59 pm PT)! The first prize will be available for free.


What will I find inside?

By spending sigils on this branch, you can unlock 8 collectible prizes, starting with the aforementioned free first prize, which will consist of a choice between 10x +200% XP Boosts and 5x 60,000 XP Potions. After that, you will be offered the following: 1,200x +200% XP Boosts, 105x 60,000 XP Potions (with the last 25x of them being multi-claimable), and the Legendary Rune of Wisdom!


To sum things up, here’s a breakdown of each prize included in the branch:

*Note: the last prize of the branch, which offers 60,000 XP Potions, scales (players with a higher Level will be offered a higher amount of XP).


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