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In the blasted and scourged No Man's Land, strength is valued above all. The tribes of poachers and bandits there have to contend against each other, warring Dragon Lords, terrible and dangerous dragons, and even the weather itself during the time of Sunscorch. Despite the roasting temperatures and the raging sun overhead, or perhaps because of that unrelenting heat, violence soars during this time. The poacher tribes are restless and the dragons of the wastes are driven to madness during Sunscorch and only the strongest have a chance to survive!

Sun Scorch Season Updates

Branch + Prize Updates

The Sunscorch Season follows the same basic structure as Lotusbloom with some additional changes. Each major branch will contain 6 season keys each, and this Season that includes the Festive branch. The Mission Boost branch will now contain 1 season key.19 total keys are required to unlock your choice of either Mythic Dragon. Mythic Dragon branches will be available at no Sigil cost and all of the Dragon’s evolution stones can be claimed for free once the branch is unlocked. All Dragon branches will have an Eldritch Tier evolution stone available to evolve them to the highest current in-game Tier.

  • This Season, the Legendary Dragon branches will require 35.5k Sigils to complete each line. 

  • The Base Boost, Dragon Rider, and Crystal Howitzer branches will require at 34.5k total Sigils to complete.

  • The Festive Dragon branch will require 34.5k Sigil cost, and will evolve through the Eldritch Tier

Similar to previous Seasons, players will have a choice-based prize where Gold Chests are typically found in a branch. Just like Dragon Rider crafting shards, players will now have a choice of what resources to collect from certain prizes in Seasonal branches. The choices will allow players to claim either Gold Chests or a static amount of items that can be found in Gold Chests, such as Elemental Embers, Inner Fires, and Timers. If a Seasonal prize would originally distribute multiple Gold Chests, the equivalent value of that resource will reflect the quantity of Gold Chests in the alternative choice.

For example: a player comes upon a prize in a Seasonal line that originally offered Gold Chests to claim. Now, this player has the choice to claim the Gold Chests or instead claim Elemental Embers or Inner Fires. The prize will be an either/or structure, so once the chosen prize is claimed, it cannot be traded or changed.

Branches and Boosts

Limited Time Branches will make a return in the Sunscorch Season! These branches will focus on a variety of resources and at least one branch will appear throughout the season for one week at a time. After the week duration has expired, the branch will disappear and prizes in them cannot be claimed further, so be sure to claim them while they’re available!

Limited branches themselves will be much shorter and cost fewer Sigils than their Legendary branch counterparts, and they will feature a multitude of items to help you on your War Dragons journey! You’ll even have the opportunity to obtain Seasons Key in some limited branches! More information about these branches will be announced as they become available

Raider Wyrm

Riding the wicked winds of the blasted landscape, this dragon's speed is unmatched.

The family of dragons called Krelos are each known to have a certain... attitude. Their very movements drip insolence and in the wilds of No Man’s Land they tend to raid, gorge, and fly as they please. The occasional one who joins the service of a Dragon Lord, or is bred, rarely serves long. They seem to long for freedom more than other dragons, but more importantly they tend to anger and provoke the humans around them until the dragon is cast out. Despite their surly nature they do seem to be happy wherever they are, and many a philosopher of Atlas has thought deeply about what lessons to draw from these free-spirited dragons.

Legendary Wind Sorcerer


  • Speed Demon - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon flies faster, dodges all non-beam attacks, and damages towers for 7% of its modified HP each second for 3 seconds. 5-second cooldown. 

  • Take That! - Active | Red | 1 Rage
    Dragon damages nearby towers for 20 % of its modified HP and becomes invincible for 3 seconds. Restores 12% of its modified HP on cast. 5-second cooldown.

  • Tail Smash - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Deals 2500% of the dragon's attack power to towers in the target area. 3-second cooldown.

  • Sacrifice - Active | White
    Damages your dragon by 7.5%. Dragon gains 2 rage points in exchange for this inflicted damage. 8-second cooldown.

Portrait: Colossus

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Krelos is a spell-heavy sorcerer who uses a mix of AOE and precision damage to destroy bases.

Krelos’s primary offensive spell is Tail Smash, which heavily damages towers in the target area. Tail Smash has a low cooldown, and is an excellent way to crack open an island and enable the dragon’s other spells.

Krelos’s main defensive spell is Take That! Which damages all nearby towers, heals Krelos, and grants the dragon brief invincibility. While Tail Smash is Krelos’s surgical tool, Take That is the dragon’s main spell for brawling through islands. Take That provides multiple forms of protection, as well as AOE damage, and the spell should be cast whenever possible.

Krelos’s next defensive spell is Speed Demon, which dodges all incoming projectiles, damages nearby towers, and increases the dragon’s flight speed for a short duration. Speed Demon is best used to dodge mage tower supershots, but it can also skip over problematic islands with too many Red Mage towers.

Krelos’s final spell is Sacrifice, which converts a percentage of the dragon’s HP into rage. Krelos is incredibly rage-hungry and needs to frequently cast all of its spells in order to survive. Krelos can loop its spells for a powerful rage engine; the healing from Take That! Makes up for Sacrifice’s health loss, and the dragon can net rage without expending much health.

Discount Information

Discount Dragon’s entire Season branch will be discounted by 50% for two weeks from Wednesday, June 3rd until Wednesday, June 17th.

Black Ash Marauder

This creature holds a poisonous miasma of swirling soot within its armored body.

“Look, my child. Look at the evil cloud on the far horizon, and the cooling ash here that was once a village. Yes, those charred things were once our enemies. They would sneak to our hold in the hush of night and cause great mischief. Don’t be so sad, my little one. The justice of the sands has caught up to them. Dross has swept its dark wings over their lives. Now, go take my canteen to your father. And be a good child, lest Dross comes for you next!” --Wasteland mother

Legendary Dark Invoker


  • Invoke: Gloom  - Passive | Yellow 
    Deals (16)% of dragon's modified HP as damage to all towers in target area and prevents them from attacking or using supershots. Disabling effect is removed when tower takes damage.

  • Black Ash - Passive | Yellow
    Dragon's breath attack causes towers to take (50)% increased damage from all sources.

  • Smokescreen - Active| White | 1 Rage
    Dragon cloaks for (2) seconds and flies slower. Upon uncloaking, dragon deals (6)% of its modified HP as damage to nearby towers. 4-second cooldown.

  • Super Rejuvenate - Active| Blue |1Rage 
    Dragon heals for 30% of its modified HP over 2 seconds. No cooldown.

Portrait: Storm Witch

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Dross is a utility-heavy invoker who focuses on debuffing and disabling towers.

Dross’s empowered attack is Invoke: Gloom, which damages and disables all towers in the target area. The disabling effect lasts between rounds, and is only removed when the affected tower takes damage. With this in mind, Dross should lead the attack on an island to disable key threats and set up the base for their teammates to follow.

Dross’s second passive spell is Black Ash, which empowers the dragon’s breath attack to debuff towers, causing them to take increased damage from all sources. Both Invoke: Gloom and Black Ash persist between rounds, and any dragons following Dross will also receive these spells’ benefits. Try to apply one debuff to every tower you encounter, as doing so will either aid you or your teammates down the line.

Dross’s main defensive spell is Smokescreen, which briefly cloaks the dragon. Upon uncloaking, Dross damages nearby towers. Smokescreen is quite versatile and can be used to dodge Mage tower supershots, as well as protect Dross during its reload period. Note that Smokescreen’s damage will not remove Invoke: Gloom’s disabling effect.

Dross’s final spell is Super Rejuvenate, which heals the dragon for a moderate amount over a short duration. Dross does not need much rage to function, so Super Rejuvenate can be frequently cast to heal any damage taken amidst Dross’s debuffing attack run.

Scrap Metal King

A pitiless lord. He rules the wastes from a scrapyard of rusted war machines.

Metal is scarce outside the cities and mines of Atlas. A village blacksmith in the Burning Sands or Fire Fields will have enough ingots for plows and horseshoes and little extra, and ordinary folk make do with even less. The dragon nicknamed Lockjaw does not let this get in its way. It will fly far afield to secure a barbed siege engine or any other shining metal object, bringing the haul back to a desolate scrapyard that it rules with a literal iron claw.

Mythic Ice Warrior


  • Kingdom of Scrap - Multi-stage Spell
    Alternates between Reinforce and Overhaul

  • ^Reinforce - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon gains a shield that blocks 75% of all incoming damage for 3 seconds. Restores 20% of dragon's modified HP on cast. 4-second cooldown.

  • ^Overhaul - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Dragon gains a shield for 100% of its modified HP for 3 seconds. When the shield is broken or expires, it explodes and damages all nearby towers for 14% of the dragon's modified HP. 4 second cooldown.

  • Iron Wind - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Freezes all nearby towers for 4 seconds and damages them for 8% of the dragon's modified HP and causes them to take 50% increased damage. No cooldown

  • Tyrant’s Fury - Active | Blue | 1 Rage
    Restores 3 rage on cast and dragon heals for 14% of its modified HP whenever it destroys a tower. 3-second duration. 6-second cooldown. 

  • The Crusher - Active | White| 1 Rage
    Dragon gains 350% increased breath damage for 3 seconds. No cooldown

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Lockjaw is a powerful warrior who relies on burst damage and spell combos to destroy bases. Lockjaw’s primary ability is the two-stage spell: Kingdom of Scrap.

The first spell is Reinforce, which heals Lockjaw and blocks a percentage of all incoming damage. The second spell is Overhaul, which grants Lockjaw a brief explosive shield that detonates for high damage. Reinforce is a great way to tank flak towers and Crystal Howitzer hits, whereas Overhaul can be carefully timed to detonate just as you turn into an island, bursting down multiple towers as soon as you’re in range.

Lockjaw’s next spell is the Crusher, which massively increases the dragon’s breath damage for a short duration. The Crusher allows Lockjaw to destroy key threats incredibly fast, even through Defenders’ hammer spam.

Lockjaw’s main defensive spell is Iron Wind, which damages and freezes nearby towers. Additionally, any frozen towers take additional damage for the rest of battle. Iron Wind is quite versatile and can be used to lock down threats, burst through islands, and disrupt Mage Tower supershots. Iron Wind can also be combined with the Crusher or Overhaul to further increase those spells’ damage output. Cast Iron Wind to debuff towers right before Overhaul’s detonation, or during the effects of the Crusher for a massive damage boost.

Lockjaw’s final spell is Tyrant’s Fury, which instantly restores rage on cast, and causes Lockjaw to heal whenever they destroy a tower. Tyrant’s Fury helps subsidize Lockjaw’s high demand for rage, and serves as the dragon’s main healing mechanic. For best results, try to time Tyrant’s Fury alongside the Crusher and Iron Wind, so Lockjaw can heal from its brief, but massive swath of destruction.

Lost in Time

The ability to manipulate time and space can have terrible consequences...

The Past:

Once upon a time, Hauheset, Harbinger of Desolation, was a dragon who bent time itself to its will. Dragon Lords offered great riches and even portions of their kingdom for but a few moments of Hauheset’s time. Though time has ground on and the fashionable nobility chase new trends now, Hauheset is still seen from time to time, still bringing desolation, still manipulating time.

The Present:

Once upon a time, Hauhezen, Lost in Time, is a dragon who is unhinged from our epoch. Its very form flickers, rewinds, disappears for long, fraught seconds as it stalks the barren No Man’s Land. Something is wrong with Hauhezen. Something is wrong with time.

Mythic Fire Hunter


  • Adrift in Time - Passive | Yellow 
    Dragon has 50% increased flight speed and Dragon's breath attack debuffs towers to take 75% increased damage.

  • Temporal Anomaly - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon cloaks briefly, heals for 12% of its modified HP, and creates a waypoint. Recast to teleport back to the waypoint and heal again for 12% of the dragon's modified HP.

    Note: Hauhezen has a 12-second window after creating the waypoint to rewind, and the spell has a 7-second cooldown after rewinding. 

  • Chronoshift - Active | Blue | 2 Rage
    Dragon cloaks for 2.5 seconds, flies at 15% speed, and gains 100% increased ammo regeneration. Dragon can attack and cast Stasis without breaking the cloak. 6-second cooldown.

  • Stasis - Active | White| 1 Rage
    Deals 12% of the dragon's modified HP as damage to all towers in the target area and prevents them from attacking or using supershots. Disabling effect is removed when the tower takes damage. No cooldown.

Runes and Glyphs

Design Intent and Strategy:

Hauhezen is a precise hunter who manipulates the aspects of time to destroy its enemies.

Hauhezen’s passive is Adrift in Time, which increases the dragon’s natural flight speed and empowers its breath attack to debuff towers to take increased damage.

Hauhezen’s main offensive spell is Stasis, which damages and disables all towers in the target area. The disabling effect lasts between rounds and is only removed when the affected tower takes damage.

Stasis combos well with Hauhezen’s defensive spell: Chronoshift, which cloaks the dragon and increases its ammo regeneration. Attacking or casting Stasis will not break the cloak, and Stasis can be used to extend Chronoshift’s duration by preemptively disabling any nearby Blue Mage towers.

Hauhezen’s time-magic primarily manifests in its most powerful spell, Temporal Anomaly. Cast in two stages, the first will briefly cloak Hauhezen, heal the dragon, and create a waypoint at the dragon’s current location. For a moderate time after, Temporal Anomaly can be recast to teleport Hauhezen back to the waypoint. Normally, a dragon with disabling spells requires a follower to clean up any remaining towers. Hauhezen, however, can use Temporal Anomaly to attack an island multiple times. Set a waypoint before the turn on an island, use Stasis to disable any key threats, and then rewind to attack again, cleaning up the disabled towers with a Chronoshifted cloak-attack. 

Killsmash Chieftain - Offensive Rider

Skill Tree:

Crafting Shards Elements: Fire / Earth / Ice

Branch Details: Hugo’s Season Branch will have his Rider Shards and Crafting Shards mixed in throughout the entire branch.

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