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Unleash the new mighty Crystal Howitzer Tower!

Unleash the new mighty Crystal Howitzer Tower!

Bolster your defences with the new addition to the Tower family, the Crystal Howitzer! Its extremely long range and damage will be certain to bring doom to attacking Dragons. 

Learn all about it by checking out the FAQ below.

Crystal Howitzer Tower FAQ

What to expect from the Crystal Howitzer Tower’s regular attack?

The Crystal Howitzer Tower is characterized by its incredibly long range, high-damage projectile with a long charge-up time. The Attack itself is a fast-moving missile. Its speed can be likened to the Mage Tower’s Supershot.

What is the Crystal Howitzer Tower’s Supershot ability?

The Crystal Howitzer’s Supershot ability is a fast-moving projectile that breaks dragon shields and briefly stuns the attacking dragon.

What is the range of the Crystal Howitzer Tower’s regular and Supershot attacks?

Its range cannot be likened to any Tower currently in the game. To best visualize its range, we’ll use the length of islands, placed on the back of Island 4, the Crystal Howitzer can hit you while you’re attacking the front of island 5.

What’s the best strategy for building the Crystal Howitzer Tower?

Due to its range and damage, careful planning in the placement of the Crystal Howitzer Tower will yield great results. For this reason, we recommend placing it at the back of a long island, surrounded by a Red Mage Tower and a Storm Tower, and most importantly, one or two Blue Mage Towers at the start of said island in order to prevent cloaks & shields.

How many Crystal Howitzer Towers can I build?

Due to the power of the Crystal Howitzer Tower, and to incentivize creative base planning, we have limited its count to 1 per Base. We'll be monitoring this post-release and based on balance feedback, we might expand the number of howitzers players can build.

At what level can I build my first Crystal Howitzer Tower?

You can build the Crystal Howitzer Tower once you have reached Level 45.

How many Crystal Howitzer Towers can I build?

  • Player Level 45: 1 

When will the Crystal Howitzer Tower become available?

The Crystal Howitzer Tower will be available in this week’s Fortification Frenzy event.

How do I upgrade the Crystal Howitzer Tower?

The Crystal Howitzer Tower can be upgraded using Electrum Bars, which can be obtained from the new Crystal Howitzer Seasonal Branch. There will be enough Electrum Bars in the Crystal Howitzer Seasonal Branch for players to get the Crystal Howitzer to max level.


Crystal Howitzer’s Stats




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