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New Temple Raid Portraits & Changes To Armory Cost

New Temple Raid Portraits

After going through all of our previous portraits in Temple Raids, we’re excited to announce that we will now have new portraits. We have two new ones in this week’s event, and there will be more new portraits available in future Temple Raid events. For this week’s Temple Raid, we have the Fire Knight and the Elite Fire Knight.


Changes To Armory Cost


As a part of the ongoing economy changes, we decided to take a look at the Armory. More specifically, the costs of Chest "10-pulls".


What we have found, is that the discrepancy between buying 1 Chest & buying 10 Chests was simply too steep. This price difference made players feel that they are stuck in place until they have enough to buy 10 Chests simultaneously, since buying just 1 was undeniably inefficient. 


As gathering enough Gems to buy 10 Chests at once could take some time, as a result creating hold-ups that are rarely fun - we came up with the following changes:

We believe that these tweaks will make Chests a more accessible source of resources for all levels of players.


When will these changes come to the game?


The estimated release of this change will go live alongside the next Event!



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