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Dragons Fests: Flying into your Local Area!

War Dragons - Dragon Fests

Meet up with Dragon Lords this September!


Have you ever thought of how cool it could be to meet your fellow Dragon Lords in real life? While some players have met up in person here and there, organizing a local meetup for groups of fliers can make for an unforgettable experience. This September, War Dragons is bringing the excitement of the game to your local area with Dragons Fests: a series of in-person player meetups, led and hosted by players, designed to gather Dragon Lords from all around for special events and flying fun.


Dragons Fests will take place throughout the month of September, just one month away! There’s plenty of opportunities to get involved: sign up for a local event being hosted in your area, or take it one step further by hosting the event yourself! Details on how to join in on the fun are below - let’s Fest!


Quick Links for Dragons Fests



Dragons Fests are Live - RSVP Now!

Updated 8/23/2019


Dragons Fests are LIVE!! Click this link to RSVP to your local fest:


If you're hosting a Dragons Fest, feel free to create a new thread in the Fests Category on the Dragons Forums with details about your event and a link for folks to sign up.


To anyone who hosts or attends a Fest, let us know how it went! Please provide any thoughts or feedback on your experience to


Happy Festing this September!!


Hosting a Dragons Fest


Dragon Lords playing the part of host for these local meetups will have great power and responsibility. Hosting a Fest gives you tons of perks, like exclusive access to setting up your own event page and receiving a meetup kit filled with fun Dragons swag. 


Please note that requirements for hosting and attending a Fest are in the War Dragons Fests Terms and Conditions (the “Fests Terms”).  By registering to host a Fest or by participating in a Fest, you are agreeing to the Fest Terms.


There’s tons to do, so let’s get started!


Step 1 - Submit a Fest Proposal

In order to host a local Fest with War Dragons’ permission and promotion, prospective hosts will need to submit a Fest Proposal. The Fest Proposal should cover as much detail about your event as possible - when will it start? Where will it happen? What do you want to do with event goers? All of these questions and more will need to be completed to submit the form.


Fest Proposals are open to submit between Thursday, August 1st (today!) and Sunday, August 11th. After this time, the form will be closed so the War Dragons team can evaluate all of the submissions for approval.


Already have an idea for your event? Submit your Fest Proposal today using this form:


Dragons Fest Proposal Form


Step 2 - Set Up the Event Page

Once your Fest Proposal has been approved, you’ll have direct access to your event on Eventbrite, an online tool for events. From here, you can customize your event, share event details, and create custom promotional assets and other supplemental content to show local Dragon Lords why they should join your event.

War Dragons - Eventbrite Event

An example of a Dragons Fest set up in Eventbrite.


Step 3 - Receive the Fest Swag

The War Dragons team will send a chest full of Dragons swag to you as the Fest Host to give out during the event. How the swag is distributed is up to you - host a flying competition, ask Dragons Trivia, or something else! There should be plenty of goodies in the chest for everyone that attends. Keep in mind that all swag must be used for the event and cannot be used for profit.


Step 4 - Promote Your Event

So, your event is all set up online and ready for attendees to RSVP. But how will Dragon Lords know that it’s happening? The War Dragons team will be promoting all of the local meetups on the Dragons social channels and Forums throughout August and September, but it always helps to utilize your own local network and friends in-game to spread the word. Here’s some ways to start the process:

  • We’ll provide a template event graphic that you can use to promote your event online. This graphic won’t have custom information about your event, so take your creativity to the next level with a fun, eye-catching graphic that includes basic information like date and destination!

  • Post details about the event on your personal social channels. Reheating the information and link multiple times before the event occurs is a great way to keep it top-of-mind. Make sure to include a link to your Eventbrite page so you can keep potential attendees in the loop!

  • Ask your friends and teammates to spread the word! Tap into others’ social networks to spread the news even farther, and provide them with a custom graphic and Eventbrite link for best results.

  • Promote your event on the War Dragons Forums! Once all events are announced, there will be a designated “Dragon Fests” Forums Category where hosts can create new threads to invite other players that are local to your area.

  • If the Forums aren’t your style, you can also create online groups (such as Facebook Groups or LINE Chat Groups) to have attendees gather and talk to one another prior to the event occurring.

  • As a host, you’ll also have access to emailing everyone who signs up for your event. Consider sending an email out to attendees before the event with reminders, instructions on how to locate your group, and contact details.


Step 5 - Host Your Fest!

With all of the preparations out of the way, it’s time to sit back (kind of), relax, and enjoy your hard-earned work during the event! Make sure all the logistics of your event are planned for (Is your space reserved? Are all activities prepared? Have you sent reminder emails to your attendees?). Remember to take photos and tag the War Dragons social channels (@WarDragonsGame) so we can show everyone the fun that’s to be had at these events!


Sign Up and Attend Your Local Fest


War Dragons - Dragons Fests


Is hosting an event not your thing, but attending one sounds like a blast? On August 23rd, all of the hosted Fests will be announced online, giving you a chance to sign up for an event in your local area! Check back to the War Dragons social channels and the Forums to know when these events are announced.


Fest Benefits


In addition to attending one of the first-ever Dragons Fests, all attendees will be able to share tips on the game, discuss the latest events, and find fellow players in their local area. All events are 100% organized and hosted by local Dragon Lords, so be sure to pay attention to the Event page to see what kinds of activities your host has prepared.


Each Fest host will have a chest full of Dragons swag to distribute during the event, adding to your repertoire of Dragon goodies (we all know Dragons love to hoard treasure!). How swag is distributed is up to your host, so keep your eye out for any contests, giveaways, or competitions during your Fest. Got questions about a specific Fest? Reach out to your host directly via Eventbrite to get them answered.


The relationships forged from these events could prove for an unforgettable moment in any Dragon Lord’s experience, so be sure to find your closest meetup on August 23rd and prepare for fun!

War Dragons - Dragons Fests Chest
What’s in the chest? Attend a Fest to find out!

Dragons Fests Timeline


Here’s the breakdown for the month of August and what to expect as both a host of a Dragons Fest and an attendee:


  • August 1st: Dragons Fests are announced! The Host Proposal Form is now open for submissions.

  • August 1st - 11th: Prospective Fest hosts can submit their event proposals through the Proposal Form. The proposal form will be closed after this time.

  • August 12th - 13th: The War Dragons Team will review all submitted proposals and send out approvals to event hosts.

  • August 14th - 23rd: Players that have been approved to host a local meetup can begin setting up their Eventbrite page, organizing event logistics, and preparing promotional material.

  • August 19th - 23rd: A special chest of Dragons swag will ship out to all Fest hosts!

  • August 23rd: All approved Fests will be announced online through the War Dragons social channels. At this point, all players can view and RSVP for any of the local Fests.

  • August 23rd - 30th: Sign ups and event promotions will be underway! 

  • September 1st - 31st: Dragons Fests will occur in your local area.


War Dragons - Dragons Fests

Let’s Fest!


As a potential host or attendee of September’s Dragons Fests, feel free to reach out to with any questions and the Dragons Team will be happy to help. We hope these Fests are a great opportunity for fellow Dragon Lords to meet one another and enjoy some quality time IRL. Remember to take photos of your event, and we can’t wait to see all the fun each meetup will have!


Stay up to date with the latest on Dragons Fests by following War Dragons on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For more news and announcements (and that special Dragons Fests discussion category!), we’ll see you on the Dragons Forums!


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