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Team Quests Update Coming This Week

War Dragons - Team Quests


Greetings, Dragon Lords!


Coming with this week’s Fortification event, we will be making some big improvements to Team Quests! We heard a lot of great feedback from the community, and have decided to shift quests towards the goals of:


  • Providing a less-burdensome experience by presenting simpler quests,

  • Rewarding regular play with quests that are easier to accomplish, and

  • Rewarding teamwork by granting more team rewards for teams with a greater number of quest participants.


These updated Team Quests have a slight variance in functionality. Here’s how it works:


  • Upon receiving a Team Quest, the game will offer up a random quest from a predetermined set, meaning you may receive a different quest than that of your teammate.

  • Some of these Team Quest requirements will scale by player level, meaning you may receive a different quest than that of someone whose level is below or above yours.

  • Each Quest you complete counts towards the total number of quests needed to obtain different team chest levels and rewards.

  • Each player can contribute up to 5 quests to their team, allowing for a total maximum of 250 quests per team per week.

  • Team Chest level (and subsequent rewards) will be awarded based on the total number of quests done by the team over the course of the event as detailed in the chart below.


Total Number of Quests Completed in one Event Team Chest Level Awarded
15 1
40 2
65 3
90 4
115 5
140 6
165 7
190 8
215 9
240 10

Please note the prizes in each Team Chest will remain the same.


War Dragons - New Team Quest Menu

A redesigned Team Quest menu featuring the Team Chests level, current Quest, and Daily Reward Progress. Please note that all rewards are subject to change.



New Quests Breakdown


We’ve heard some great feedback to improve and change up quests that were incredibly frustrating, such as having to follow a teammate a certain amount of times. New quests for players will be more geared to the events in which they receive the quest. Players can expect to see more tailored quests, including the examples below, starting this week!


Examples of Event-Related Quests:


War Dragons - Examples of Event-Related Quests
War Dragons - Redesigned Teammate Contributions Screen
An example of the redesigned screen for Teammate Contributions of Team Quests.


What are your thoughts on these updated Team Quests? Discuss with fellow Dragon Lords over on the War Dragons Forums!

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