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The Year of the Player Update #3 - Raiding Reintroduced

War Dragons 2019 Update #2

Quality of Life Improvements and More!


Greetings, Dragon Lords!

With this Year of the Player update, we’ve got some exciting news about a revived feature and more upcoming improvements - read on for all the details!


Improvements from July (as of 7/26/19)


Between these Year of the Player (YotP) Updates, we’ve introduced a variety of additional features and perks that can be seen below:


Bug Fixes (from 5.02)

  • In Atlas, an issue was fixed in 5.02 where riders were stuck on a mission indefinitely after a player switched to a non-Atlas Team.

  • When defending, an issue was fixed where players could not return their defense items once they had been dragged out from the item slot.

  • Another issue was fixed where the Dragon Roster would become unresponsive when panning around the Base View.

  • Finally, a mailing system issue was fixed where crashes would occur when trying to open an in-game mail containing a link or scrolling through mails in the “News” section.


Quality of Life Improvements

  • Wars have been reworked to provide a more fun and exciting way to play against your enemies!

  • Elite functionality has been updated so players are able to build a second building even if their Elite subscription would run out before that building completed.

  • In Atlas, the level at which players automatically receive 100% glory has been adjusted from level 400 to level 500.

  • Runes have also gone through an overhaul! The first part of this update released in 5.01, and the second part has recently released alongside 5.02. The final update provides a focus on Tower Runes, completing the Rune overhaul.


Improvements Today and Beyond


Take a look at what’s to come in War Dragons!


Raiding Returns!

War Dragons - Raiding


Next week brings the revival of a long-requested feature back to Dragons: Raiding! Raiding is a way for players to instantly receive event points in PvP events after fully destroying a base, allowing for major time saves and point accumulation. Here’s how it works:


Unlocking and Using Raiding

War Dragons - Raiding Unlocked


To unlock the ability to Raid on a target base, players must destroy their chosen base with 100% destruction, regardless of the amount of flames obtained. Once destroyed, a Raid button will appear next to this same base, and will open up the raiding interface. From here, players can choose to use an Inner Fire with each Raid (with a max of 1 Inner Fire per Raid) by checking off the “Raid with Inner Fire” box, earning double the amount of points for the run!


There will be a short 5 second cooldown period in between raids so that dragons can recover before raiding again. Don’t want to raid? No problem! Any target base that’s eligible for raiding can still be attacked as normal by tapping the Attack button.


Raiding Limits and Reset

War Dragons - Raiding Limits


Once a base has been fully destroyed and raids are unlocked, the act of raiding does not require Dragons to be flown nor Healing Potions to be used. Players can raid the same target base up to 5 times within the Raid Reset period. Each time a Raid is unlocked on a target base, a 6 hour timer will begin to count down. These 6 hours represent the Raid Reset period, and the countdown begins individually for each target base. At the end of every Reset period, the following will happen:

  • Previously raided bases must be unlocked to Raid once again by destroying the base with 100% destruction in a normal attack.

  • The amount of times a target base can be raided will reset to 5.


War Dragons - Raiding Limit

Raiding Energy Costs


Energy costs will increase with each Raid, though the energy required to Raid versus attack as normal will be substantially lower overall. For the first introduction of Raiding in this week’s Kingdom Wars event, energy costs will be reduced to celebrate its return! Here’s a breakdown of each Raid on the same target base and its associated energy cost:


Number of Raid on Target Base Energy Cost (Launch Discount!) Energy Cost (Normal)
1 2 4
2 3 4
3 4 5
4 5 5
5 6 6

Raiding and PvP Events

Raiding will first be introduced alongside the Kingdom Wars event. We’ll be sure to announce when Raiding can be used in future runs of Kingdom Wars online through War Dragons’ social channels, Forums, and in-game messages!


Rider/Dragon Menu Toggle

War Dragons - Rider/Dragon Menu Toggle


A new menu toggle was introduced in 5.02’s release within the Rider and Dragon menus to allow players to more easily flip between their rosters. After some time with the current roster interface, we’ve heard a lot of feedback that having to back out to the home screen to access the Dragon or Rider roster can expend precious time better used for grinding out Breeder Missions or XP. With this toggle icon, Dragon Lords can seamlessly flip between Dragons and Riders in their roster for ease of access.


In addition to the new toggle, the following changes have been made:

  • Dragon info have been moved from the bottom to the top of the screen.

  • The back button will return a player to their base view.

  • Hitting the toggle icon will take a player back to the screen that was previously opened within either the Dragon or Rider menus respectively. For example, if the Bond tab of the Rider menu was open, returning to the Rider menu after toggling to the Dragon roser will go back to the previously open Bond tab.


The YotP Forums Thread


As more Year of the Player Updates are released, we’ll continue keeping this living thread on the Forums up-to-date so you’ll always have a chronological snapshot of all 2019 improvements. Give the page a bookmark or check back anytime a new YotP releases for the latest information!


Year of the Player - Living Forums Thread


What are your thoughts on the latest Quality of Life features? What would you like to see join this list the future? Head over to the War Dragons Forums to discussion with fellow Dragon Lords, and give War Dragons a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates as soon as we have them!

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