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New Atlas Event: Fight For Glory!

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Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Next week, we’re going to introduce a new event in Atlas. Welcome to the Fight for Glory Event Event! We’ll be putting a temporary pin on Primarch/Rider Training events while we do a trial run of this event in the rotation of Atlas events.

Earning Points

For this event players will earn prizes from the Glory you get from fighting your enemies!

  • Earn 1 Event Point per 1 Glory for every 1 Glory you gain from attacking Castle Guards
  • Earn 3 Event Point per 1 Glory for every 1 Glory Point you gain from attacking Primarchs


Use the Event Points earned from battle to earn prizes! The Prize table is as follows:


*Note: earning Event Points through Castle Guard Glory will be scaled down.

Fight For Glory will take place Monday, May 10, 6pm PST to Friday, May 14, 2am PST.

The Atlas event schedule will be adjusted to accommodate for this event, so plan accordingly! Here’s an example of what the next two cycles will look like:

  1. Troops Event
  2. NEW Glory Hunt Event (Trial)
  3. Troops Event
  4. Gear Event
  5. Troops Event
  6. NEW Glory Hunt Event (Trial)
  7. Troops Event
  8. Gear Event

We’ll be actively monitoring the feedback from the community to see what adjustments we need to make in future iterations.

As always, we can’t wait for you to let us know what you think on the War Dragons Forums!

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