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Event Prizing Update


Heya everyone,

First, thanks to everyone that gave valuable feedback to the team in the Official Discussion Thread. After answering and calling for more feedback well into the wee hours of the morning, I was pleased to wake up to find that you all were passionately and thoughtfully making your case.

We had a meeting this morning to discuss the proposed changes in the blog post, and we used your feedback to help inform and guide our discussion.The team loves the concept of making event prize progression more fun, however, we want to give more time to make sure we get the implementation right. We DO want people to be excited to hit Milestones in the event prizing structure, but we also don’t want folks to feel like we’re taking things away.

Here’s what we’re doing - starting with this week’s Gauntlet

  • We’re reverting to the previous structure and also adding milestones: the final structure can only give you more rewards
  • Instead of having 33 prizes, we’re having 30 - All other pre-existing prizes will mostly stay the same with the chance that some prize tiers will be better because we are taking prizes from the 3 levels we’re getting rid of and stuffing them into 30 levels
  • Rounding prize thresholds down where needed so that no prizes will be more difficult to achieve
  • Milestone prizes will still exist, however, we are simply adding them on - that means nothing is being taken away, and we are just making those Milestone levels juicier
  • This is happening for Gauntlet and we’ll be making similar changes for our other events

Below is the updated prizing structure for the upcoming event (Gauntlet, starting June 3rd, 2020). Other events this season will look similar and I will get them out to you when they are finished.

A few notes:

  • Only 1 player has reached the 1 million prize in the last 6 months which is why we removed the last prize and reduced the threshold for the 2nd to last prize

  • Milestone prizes are every 5. (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30)

For further information, please see the AMA we held regarding this topic on June 2nd, 2020:


Proposed changes rejected, see below for original post

Ahoy Dragon Lords, messenger dragons hath delivered some exciting news. We’re changing the way we delve out prizes during events for the better!

In the past, at each tier, players earned a lot of minor prizes. There was no fanfare or hubbub, and when you reached important tiers like 5, 10, 20, etc., you got the same sort of prizes that you got at 3 or 8. It turns out… that’s not very exciting gameplay. You want to feel accomplished when you hit the 30th prize! You want to find a reason to get to that next important prize package. 

The new event prizing will take care of that issue. Now, we’re introducing new milestone prizes. When you hit certain tiers, you’ll get a big payday.

We’ve also heard the feedback that there is a lot of junk in event prizes. We’re reducing those junk prizes and making sure we fill each event with event-specific prizes. We are also planning some themed events, so look out for some additional prizes during those weekends.

The overall value of the prizes will be the same (if not slightly more) than the previous prizing structure.

In the spirit of being as transparent as we can, we’re going to link you to the actual prizing structure we use.

Without further ado, bookmark this spreadsheet which lists the entire prizing structure for all in-game events:

Note: this is a big ole spreadsheet with a lot of numbers; if you’re playing and notice that the numbers don’t reflect what’s on the sheet - please let us know! ALSO, as a note - remember, things may change at a moment’s notice and we may or may not have time to notify you. We hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does, we’ll let you all know ASAP.

We’ll be testing this out for the entirety of the Sunscorch Season, and we’ll reevaluate whether or not we continue to use the new structure going forward. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

We’ll also be holding an AMA on the forums regarding this new prizing update so you can ask the team questions about design intent, prize value, future updates, etc. Keep an eye on the Announcements > Discussions.

Discuss this event prizing update in our War Dragons Forums!

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