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Herald in the Snow and Winter Holidays with Noelle!

War Dragons - Noelle


The Winter Festival of Frostwreath brings Dragon Lords gifts to celebrate the Winter Holidays! Throughout the month of December, players will be to obtain Candy Canes that the fox wyrms have hidden to help Dragon Lords unleash the power of Noelle. 


Read on for more information about Noelle and its branch!


Obtaining Candy Canes


Frostwreath Season - Candy Cane


Between December 4th and January 7th, players will be able to obtain Candy Canes through the Bounty Harbor. This does mean, though, that Daily Check-In will not be active again until after Noelle’s branch disappears. 


Players, level 30 and above on December 4th, will need to go to their Bounty Harbor every day to collect a Candy Cane to use towards claiming prizes in Noelle’s Branch. Any players who reach level 30 after the Candy Canes go live on December 4th will be ineligible for Candy Canes. 


Please note that the Bounty Harbor’s claim time will change depending on when you claim a Candy Cane. For example, if a player were to claim a Candy Cane at 12pm PT the first day, then their next candy cane would be available at 12pm the following day; however, if a player were not to claim their second Candy Cane until 3pm, the third Candy Cane would not be available until 3pm the following day. 


Noelle’s Branch

War Dragons - Noelle Branch

Note: This is an example of what the branch will look like. The actual contents of the branch are listed below. 


The Candy Canes players obtain will be the necessary currency to claim prizes throughout Noelle’s branch. This branch contains 28 prizes, including the dragon, with the final prize, 4 Gold Chests, being repeatable! Each prize will be 1 Candy Cane each to claim. 

Please note that Noelle's egg will be Prize number 27 out of the 28 available. 

Within Noelle’s branch, prizes will include:

Prizes Total Claimable Amount
1 Hour Timer 5
3 Hour Timer 26
Defense Gunpowder 5
Black Pearls 600
Breeding Tokens 2000
Bronze Chest 3
Defense Hammer 5
Elemental Embers 500
Energy Packs 12
Frostwreath Sigil 250
Gold Chest 19
Holiday Dragon 400 Egg Fragments (or 1 Egg)
Inner Fire 15
Mystic Fragments 14
Silver Chest 4


Frostwreath Season - Noelle Logo

Winter Festival Fox

War Dragons - Noelle

Fox wyrms, like Zenko and Renard, thrive in snowy areas.


The many fox wyrms of the Stygian Gaze keep to themselves for most of the year, but during the time of Frostwreath some are known to happily travel amongst both human and dwarf settlements, and it is considered very lucky to place a string of bells or a sprig of holly on a visiting Noelle. The most fortunate and well-behaved Dragon Lords even on rare occasion receive gifts from these most thoughtful dragons.


Legendary Green Ice Sorcerer




  • Three Gifts - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Marks a target tower. When a marked tower is destroyed, dragon heals for 50% of its modified HP and gains 2 rage. Can be used three times. Spell has no cooldown

  • Holiday Helper - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Summon a dragon companion that absorbs incoming damage and supershots. The companion has 80% of Dragon HP and its attack power is 2.5% of Dragon HP

  • Flash Freeze - Active | Red | 2 Rage

    • Deals 20% BaseHP as damage and freezes all towers within range for 5 seconds. While frozen, towers take 150% additional damage from all sources.

  • Ice Turret Resist - Passive

    • Reduce damage taken from Ice Turrets by 70%.


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