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The Year of the Player Update #1 - 2019 Recap and Tier-Based Discounting

War Dragons 2019 Update #1

Quality of Life Improvements and More!


Greetings, Dragon Lords!


Here at Pocket Gems, 2019 has been all about the player - we’ve collectively focused our efforts on game improvements, bug bashing, and new features to delight and surprise. At the end of 2018, we highlighted our upcoming development roadmap centered around the “Year of the Player”. We’re just about halfway through 2019, and while we have plenty more in store, we wanted to take a moment to recap the Quality of Life initiatives that are already live and provide a snapshot of where we’re at currently.


This post is the first of many Year of the Player updates that we’ll be providing for the remainder of 2019. They’ll be focused solely on quality of life improvements for players, and will detail upcoming changes to the game that are directly related to the development roadmap linked above, feedback provided by players, and other data.


Read on for the first Year of the Player update!

The Year So Far (as of 5/15/19)


2019 has been a busy year, and we’re not even halfway done! Let’s take a walk through the many Quality of Life improvements that have already made their way to War Dragons this year:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the infamous Cloak bug where the Cloak spell was not functioning properly in-game.

  • Fixed the ‘Ghost Notification’ in Event Prizes where the “1” prize indicator would appear even when all obtainable prizes had been claimed.

  • Fixed an issue where players’ Dragons would become unresponsive for a few seconds after using a spell.

  • Fixed an issue where players were noticing their defense power fluctuating despite no changes on their end.

  • Fixed issues with disappearing chest drops, unreliable breeding token bonuses, and disappearing value packs

  • [Atlas] Fixed an issue where incoming Primarchs would prevent attacks against Castle Guards and teams from being able to conquer castles.


Quality of Life Improvements

  • Spell Scaling, released in January, was an initiative to smooth out the scaling of power amongst most spells in-game to provide a more balanced gameplay across levels and Tiers.

  • The infamous 300 Wall was broken down thanks to efforts made by PG and the Gameplay Faction to smooth out level progression above level 300.

  • Rider Gear Crafting was made available for all players, regardless of having Atlas access or not.

  • Rider Skills can now be reset for any Riders that have learned skills in their tree.

  • In partnership with XPFarmsLoose, 50 new PvE XP Bases were introduced in-game for players to farm XP from.

  • The default Chat was changed from League Chat to Team Chat to see the latest in team discussions upon logging in.

  • A ‘System Messages toggle’ was introduced to Team Chat, allowing players to turn off system messages, such as RSS transfers, castle shields, etc, in Team Chat.

  • Season Keys were introduced in the Springblossom Season as a streamline way for players to obtain one Seasonal Mythic of their choice.

  • Seasonal Dragon Buffs went into effect in the Springblossom Season, allowing current Seasonal Dragons a buff of increased XP gain and decreased heal time.

  • Due to Rider Gear Crafting becoming available for all players, Crafting Shards have been added into Season Prizing and Bronze Chests.

  • [Atlas] Introduced the Bank Ledger 2.0 for increased control and filter of information.

  • [Atlas] Introduced a new Castle Management Menu for increased control and management of Atlas castles.

  • [Atlas] Trapper Attack Redirect

  • [Atlas] A new Primarch Finder was introduced to filter and narrow down searches of enemy Primarchs.

  • [Atlas] Navigation Improvements were made to Atlas so players could copy and paste Atlas coordinates to other players.


The First Update

So what’s on the horizon for War Dragons? As we’ve mentioned before, there’s plenty in the works. Here’s a few immediate improvements that will be available in-game soon, and by soon, we mean today!



Tier-Based Discounting

Tier-Based Discounting is a way for previously released lineage Dragons to be bred at a lower breeding token cost and for previously released tower levels to be built with a lower lumber and timer cost. For example: Prior to Tier-Based Discounting, it would cost 20 breeding tokens for every breed of Platinum Tier Dragons. Now with the discounting in effect, it costs 10 tokens per breed.


Now that the Empyrean Legendary Dragons and level 80 towers are available, we’ve extended Tier-Based Discounting up through Harbinger tier for dragons and level 65 towers . For more information, see the breakdown below:


Tier-Based Discounting Details

The following Tiers will be discounted (note that the discount numbers include the previous release of Tier-Based Discounting):

  • Harbinger Tier --> 10% off token requirements (currently at 0% off)

  • Obsidian Tier --> 20% off token requirements (currently at 10% off)

  • Emerald Tier --> 30% off token requirements (currently at 20% off)

  • Garnet Tier --> 40% off token requirements (currently at 30% off)

  • Sapphire Tier --> 50% off token requirements (currently at 30% off)

  • Platinum Tier --> 50% off token requirements (currently at 30% off)

Clarification: For breeding, the tiers above refer to the parents of a particular Egg Fragment.


The following building levels will be discounted:

  • Tower Levels 56-65 --> 10% off resource & timer costs (currently at 0% off)

  • Tower Levels 51-55 --> 20% off resource & timer costs (currently at 10% off)

  • Tower Levels 46-50 --> 30% off resource & timer costs (currently at 20% off)

  • Tower Level 45 --> 40% off resource & timer costs (currently at 30% off)

  • Tower Level 44 --> 35% off resource & timer costs (currently at 30% off)


Just like in the previous release of Tier-Based Discounting, the amount of food and experience needed for leveling up dragons, the time needed for incubation, and the eggs and time required for research will be reduced in line with the token requirement discounts. In addition, Gold Tier research will be discounted by 50% as well, due to technical reasons.

Empyrean Tier Mission Balloon

Towards the end of 2018, the Lookout Balloon was updated to scale breeding token missions with your current Dragon Tier. Gone are the days of having a set amount of tokens to obtain from these missions across all Tiers and levels; with this update, higher Tiers now reward a higher amount of tokens, and are doubled for those with Elite!


Now, we’re taking this one step further to include the Empyrean Tier in the Lookout Balloon, so those who have Dragons in this Tier can increase their token payout as with previous tiers. Just like before, the cost to upgrade the Lookout Balloon will be one egg of the new Tier.

More to Come!

As more improvements make their way to War Dragons, we want each and every player to be in the know about these new changes. Starting today, we’ll be introducing a living thread on the Forums that is designed to provide a chronological snapshot of all improvements that release in 2019. The thread will be updated anytime we provide a new Year of the Player Update, and can be referenced in-game, here on the blog, and among the War Dragons social channels.


To view this thread (or give it a bookmark!), click the link below:


Year of the Player - Living Forums Thread


We want to continue delivering quality of life improvements throughout the rest of the year. You can expect new Year of the Player Updates to arrive across War Dragons more regularly and consistently,  starting with this week. To set the proper expectations, this means delivering new quality of life features closer to a monthly cadence and not weekly.

We’re excited to continue our journey in 2019 with these upcoming improvements! What do you think of these new Year of the Player Updates? What would you like to see in the future for War Dragons? Be sure to follow War Dragons on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates as soon as we have them, and join the discussion with fellow Dragon Lords on the Forums!

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