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Celebrate Spring with the Blossom Drake, Sakura!

War Dragons - Sakura

Take flight this Spring with flowering wings!


A cherry blossom festival in the Sacred Ridge isn’t complete without the Ridge’s Blossom Drake, Sakura! This new Festive Dragon greets the Spring sky with its richly colored blossom wings. As a symbol of peace and prosperity, Sakura is a welcome sight for the many inhabitants of the Ridge, and the Dragon arrives to celebrate this joy until Spring releases its hold to Summer.


Sakura will be the Festive Dragon and final addition to the Springblossom Season. This drake will have spells built for high damage and ability power against undefended bases. The blossoming beast would do well to have allies against defended enemy bases when prancing across the sky.

Sakura will be available tomorrow, April 24th. To see the pink predator in action, tune in to the War Dragons livestreams that are happening this week! Catch the show on Twitch this Wednesday (4/24) at 3pm PT and Facebook Live this Thursday (4/25) at 2pm PT.


Blossom Drake

War Dragons - Sakura

The arrival of this drake signals the beginning of Spring.


In the Sacred Ridge, blooming cherry blossoms signal the arrival of Spring. The Season is marked with frequent festivals and celebrations that continue until the last cherry blossom has fallen. Alongside the fluttering of these flower petals comes Sakura. Sakura embodies the peace and happiness of springtime, spreading tranquility wherever the Dragon goes. Throughout the Spring season, Sakura visits every festival in the Ridge, ensuring that everyone receives their own little piece of Spring.


Legendary Earth Hunter




  • Chaos - Active | Blue | 2 Rage

    • Upon activation, Chaos increases the Dragon’s attack damage by 95% for 4 seconds.

  • Scatter - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon cloaks for 1.5 seconds and immediately recovers 50% of their Hunter ammo. While cloaked, the Dragon flies at 25% of its normal speed. Upon uncloaking, the spell will damage nearby towers at 8% of the Dragon's modified HP, and the Dragon will have 50% increased attack damage for 3 seconds after uncloaking. Uncloaking before the 1.5 second duration means the Dragon will lose out on the increased attack damage afterwards, but Scatter can be recast immediately to cloak and recover Hunter ammo.

  • Spring’s Renewal - Active | Red | 1 Rage

    • Upon activation, mark a target tower. If the marked tower is destroyed, the Dragon restores 25% of its modified HP and gains 2 Rage (for a net Rage of 1 to the spell). Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Adaptive Flak Resist - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Change Flak Resist type on use and gain a small amount of Rage (¼ of a bar). Cycles through Dark, Fire, Ice, and Electro Flak Resist. Resists by 70%.


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of Blossoms: Increases Scatter Explosion Damage

    • Amount of Damage Increased by Percent per Upgrade:

      • Base: 5%

      • 1st Upgrade: 6.7%

      • 2nd Upgrade: 8.3%

      • Max: 10%

  • Legendary Rune of Blossoms: Increases Scatter Explosion Damage and Increases Hunter Attack

    • Amount of Damage Increase by Percent per Upgrade:

      • Base: 10%

      • 1st Upgrade: 11.3%

      • 2nd Upgrade: 12.5%

      • 3rd Upgrade: 13.8%

      • Max: 15%

    • Amount of Hunter Attack Increase by Percent per Upgrade:

      • Base: 2%

      • 1st Upgrade: 2.5%

      • 2nd Upgrade: 3%

      • 3rd Upgrade: 3.5%

      • Max: 4%

  • Mythic Glyph of Blossoms: Increases Scatter Explosion Damage and Increases Hunter Attack

    • Amount of Damage Increase by Percent per Upgrade:

      • Base: 15%

      • 1st Upgrade: 17%

      • 2nd Upgrade: 19%

      • 3rd Upgrade: 21%

      • 4th Upgrade: 23%

      • Max: 25%

    • Amount of Hunter Attack Increase by Percent per Upgrade:

      • Base: 4%

      • 1st Upgrade: 4.8%

      • 2nd Upgrade: 5.6%

      • 3rd Upgrade: 6.4%

      • 4th Upgrade: 7.2%

      • Max: 8%


Design Intent:

Sakura’s play pattern revolves around the versatility of Scatter. When cast, Sakura briefly goes invisible and recovers a portion of its Hunter ammo. After the cloak duration, Scatter will damage all nearby towers and increase Sakura’s breath damage for a short time. Alternatively, Sakura fliers can use a spell or attack while invisible to cancel Scatter, losing access to the increased breath damage, but instantly resetting Scatter’s cooldown. This allows Sakura to dip in and out of visibility, constantly refreshing the Dragon’s ammo reserves. With Scatter’s two “modes,” Sakura has precise control over what towers to kill and when the Dragon is vulnerable to damage. Spring’s Renewal functions much like Healing Mark, but the marked tower restores both health and Rage when destroyed. Frequently using Spring’s Renewal to fuel Sakura’s constant cloaking is essential to keeping the Dragon alive. Adaptive Flak Resist can also be cycled to restore Rage in small increments, in the event that Sakura is hit by a mage tower super-shot.


Branch Changes

Sakura’s branch will also feature a few changes that will increase the prizes within the branch and decrease overall sigil count! See below for these changes:


Total Sigils Needed to Complete the Branch: 30,000 (previously 31,000)

Prize Previous Season Amount Springblossom Season Amount
Gold Chest 85 104
Elemental Embers 9,900 12,000
Breeding Tokens 14,700 15,000
Mythic Fragments 82 100
Rune Dust 6,675,000 7,000,000
12H Timers 115 150


Will you take to the skies upon cherry blossom wings? Head over to the official War Dragons Forums to discuss the latest addition to the Springblossom Season with the Dragons community.


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