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Happy 4th Anniversary, War Dragons!

War Dragons 4th Anniversary Giveaway 2019


On April 16th, 2015, War Dragons was officially released! It’s been four years of Dragon riding, base burning, and friendship forging, so let’s take a look back at some of the things that have happened in that time!


  • April 2015 - War Dragons took its first flight on iOS

  • January 2016 - The War Dragons novel, All Things Burn, launches

  • February 2016 - Runes are introduced in-game

  • April 2016 - War Dragons releases on Android

  • April 2016 - We drew our first Dragon on Twitch with Dragon Lords

  • June 2016 - The War Dragons Creators Faction begins

  • September 2016 - The first Season launches for Fall 2016

  • November 2016 - The World Map is introduced, later to become Atlas

  • December 2016 - Dragon Perches introduced in-game

  • August 2017 - Dragon Riders introduced in-game

  • October 2017 - Atlas released with a live celebration party + Dragons Summit

  • February 2018 - The War Dragons Gameplay Faction begins

  • April 2018 - Chunk releases in-game <3

  • July 2018 - Dragons UI overhauled

  • October 2018 - Dragons Summit 2.0 occurs in SF

  • January 2019 - Spell Scaling released in-game

  • February 2019 - We break down the 300 Wall


And here’s some cool lifetime stats for the game to date (from 4/16/15 to 4/16/19):


  • Total Number of Dragons Hatched: 1,737,333,550

  • Total Number of Flights Taken: 4,859,801,371

  • Total Number of Minutes Played: 115,320,107,412


Thanks to every Dragon Lord out there for playing, pillaging, and enjoying War Dragons in these four years. To celebrate another year around the Sun, we’re hosting a 4th Anniversary giveaway for all Dragon Lords to win some sweet in-game goodies!


Enter the 4th Anniversary Giveaway


Here’s how this giveaway will work:

  • Starting today, you can enter the War Dragons 4th Anniversary Giveaway by submitting your In-Game Name. You can earn extra entries into the giveaway by performing other actions in the campaign!

  • The giveaway will run from today (Friday, April 19th) until Friday, May 3rd. Be sure to get your entries in before the 3rd!

  • Entries will close on Friday, May 3rd at midnight PST. Winners will be randomly chosen the week after and contacted for prize distribution.

  • We’ll announce the winners of the giveaway on Friday, May 10th, and distribute the winning gifts shortly afterwards!


To participate, you’ll need to submit your In-Game Name to be considered. You’ll be able to receive additional entries in the giveaway for adding War Dragons on various online channels like Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube. Plus, it’s a great way to keep in touch with news, updates, fan art, and all the other great things about the game!


Giveaway Prizes


So what’s in it for all Dragon Lords who win this giveaway? 10 lucky players will be randomly chosen to receive the following:


Digital Goodies

  • x2,000 Springblossom Sigils

  • x2,000 Rubies

  • x20 Gold Chests

  • x400 Black Pearls

  • x400 Elemental Embers


Physical Swag

  • CHOICE between:

    	<p>x1 War Dragons Swag Bag (mug, keychain, magnet, sticker, + bag) <em>or</em></p>
    	<p>x1 Dodo Plush</p>
    <p>x1 War Dragons Tee (Limited Sizing)</p>
    <p>x1 War Dragons Lanyard</p>
    <p>x1 War Dragons Noctua Pin</p>

We’ll contact all of the randomly chosen winners after entries close in early May. If you prefer not to provide a physical mailing address, you’ll receive only the digital prizes listed above.


Ready to enter the giveaway? Get started by clicking the link below:


Enter the War Dragons 4th Anniversary Giveaway


Keep an eye on the War Dragon’s Facebook page, Twitter channel, and Instagram profile for updates on this giveaway and the reveal of the winners!


From the entire team at Pocket Gems, we’re incredibly grateful for each and every Dragon Lord that has flown with us in the last four years. Best of luck to everyone in this giveaway, and here’s to many more!

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