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The Springblossom Season Sweeps the Land of Dragons

Springblossom Season Announce

As the cold snow thaws,
Turn and look to brighter skies,
A new day will dawn.

Springblossom Logo

Deep breaths of fresh air fill your lungs. 6:00pm is no longer a time for darkness. You feel a sudden, impulsive urge to Marie Kondo EVERYTHING. That’s right, Dragon Lords; Spring is finally here!

We’ve got a lot to go over for this week, for as the blossoming trees signal the dawning of new Dragons, so do the sweeping winds of change arrive. There’s exciting updates about Season structure, new seasonal branches, and increased prizes all to unfurl.

This week, the Dragons community team will be flying the new Springblossom Dragons and Dragon Rider live on our weekly streams. Catch the show on Twitch this Wednesday (3/6) at 3pm PT and Facebook Live this Thursday (3/7) at 2pm PT.


Season Updates: TL;DR


  • Season Keys are new to this Season, and found at the end of most Legendary Branches except for the Festive Dragon (see the graphic below for more details).

  • Each of these Legendary Branches will cost 30k Springblossom Sigils to complete. They include a hefty increase in prize quantities, found in the tables below.

  • 3 Season Keys are need to unlock 1 Mythic, and for the first time, you’ll be able to choose which Mythic you want to unlock!

  • Mythic branches will cost 0 sigils and includes the Dragon Evolution Stones and their Runes + Glyphs.

  • A Seasons Buff will automatically activate on any current Season Divine Dragon once obtained. For the duration of their active Season, these Dragons will receive +50% Dragon XP for every battle and -95% Heal Times between flights.

  • Dragon Rider Gear in Rider branches will be replaced with Crafting Shards with a choice of element, as well as Crafting Scrolls.

  • Every portrait obtained will now include 2 versions: one with a background and one without! Both will automatically be obtained upon claiming the portrait prize.

  • A new Base Boost Branch will be available in Wave 2 of the Springblossom Season, and will increase the overall viability of your base for the duration of the boost, which lasts into the next Season.

Season Updates


Sprinblossom Structure

Season Structure

The Springblossom Season brings with it a heaping pile of changes to the Seasons structure. In recent Seasons, we’ve introduced the “two branch” structure where two Legendary lines (of Dragons or Riders) unlock a Mythic Dragon branch. This Season, we’re shaking things up!

Ultimately, the principle of unlocking the Mythic Dragon branch remains the same, but how you choose to unlock said branch is entirely up to you. We’ll start the season with 3 Legendary Lines - 2 Legendary Dragons and 1 Dragon Rider. There will not be a separate Dragon Rider branch available in the Springblossom Season.

Additionally, BOTH Mythic Dragons of the Season will be available day one. This means that all Legendary branches (except for the Festive Dragon) will flow into either one of the Mythic Dragon branches. Another ‘key’ mechanic in this Season is the introduction of a new currency: Season Keys.

Springblossom Season - In-Game
The Springblossom Season and Season Keys

Season Keys = Choose your Mythic!

Season Keys are a new way to unlock the Mythic Dragon branches. At the end of every Legendary Branch (excluding the Festive Dragon), there will be a claimable Season Key. You’ll need 3 of these Season Keys to unlock 1 Mythic Dragon branch, and Mythic branches will cost 0 sigils in their entirety (more on that later).

Both Mythics Dragon branches will be available at the start of this Season, so what happens when you have 3 Season Keys? For the first time in Dragons Seasons, you get to CHOOSE which Mythic Dragon branch you’d like to unlock!

Once a Mythic Dragon branch is decided upon, 3 Season Keys will be expended and the branch will unlock. You’ll need another 3 Season Keys to unlock the second Mythic Dragon branch in the season, which will come from the remaining 3 Legendary branches that were not completed prior.

For those who unlock both Mythic Dragon branches, we have a super special gift for you! You’ll receive an exclusive bundle of other in-game goodies for obtaining both Mythics, including timers, tokens, and Crafting Shards.


Springblossom Season - Seasons Dragon Buff

A Springblossom Dragon with the active Seasons Buff


Seasons Dragon Buffs

As an extra perk for obtaining any of the Springblossom Dragons throughout the Season, each Dragon will receive a Seasons Buff. The Seasons buff will last the entire duration of the Season, and is only applicable to the current Season’s Dragons.


The Seasons Buff will grant your Springblossom Dragons:

  • +50% XP earned in every battle

  • -95% Time to heal before next flight


Keep in mind, this Seasons Buff will only last for the duration of the Season. After that, all Springblossom Dragons’ XP earned and heal times will return to normal.


Changes in Legendary Dragon Lines

We’ve adjusted the prizes in the Legendary Dragon Lines (not including the Festive Dragon) to provide a larger quantity of useful items, while also decreasing the overall branch cost to 30k Springblossom Sigils (where previous Seasons Legendary lines cost 31k).

All Legendary Lines (not including the Festive Dragon) will require 30k Springblossom Sigils to complete. This includes the Legendary Dragons Haku, Kaiji, and an upcoming Warrior to be announced, plus the new Base Boost branch and both Dragon Riders.

Since 3 branches are now required to have been completed before unlocking one of the Mythic Dragon branches, we’ve changed the cost of the Mythic Dragon branch to be absolutely free. That’s right, there is NO sigil cost in the Mythic Dragon branches in their entirety. They will include all evolution stones for the Dragon up to Empyrean Tier, as well as its Runes and Glyphs. The Sigil cost is front-loaded to the Legendary lines so that the Mythic Dragon branches come at zero cost to you!


See below for a prizing table of the new Legendary Dragon Lines:

(Please note - this is not reflective in the Festive Dragon branch)


Amount of Sigils needed to Complete Legendary Branches: 30,000 (previously 31,000)

Prize Previous Season Amount Springblossom Season Amount
Silver Chests 3 3
Gold Chests 99 100
Ice Shards 0 0 (Unchanged)
Fire Shards 2,500 0
Elemental Embers 10,050 12,000
Breeding Tokens 13,900 15,000
Mystic Fragments 77 100
12H Timers 108 150
Rune Dust 4,950,000 7,000,000
24H 2x Wood 1 4 (Kaiji) or 0 (Haku)
24H 2x Food 3 4 (Haku) or 0 (Kaiji)


Portraits Update

Coming alongside every Legendary Dragon Branch is a brand new portrait with tiered evolutions and animated counterparts. In Seasons past, we’ve heard tons of requests from players to provide multiple versions of these portraits: one with a background, and one without. In the Springblossom Season, each tiered portrait claimed in the Legendary Dragon branches will include BOTH of these versions! Portrait thumbnails (what you see in the top left of your Home Screen) will always be backgroundless, so no need to worry about any weird formatting in-game. Animated portraits will always include their backgrounds, as there is only one version.

Springblossom Season - Kanabo Portraits

The Kanabo Sentinel Portrait both with and without its Background


Changes in Dragon Rider Lines

Similarly to Legendary Dragon branches, we’ve adjusted the prizes for both Dragon Rider branches in the Springblossom Season. Two main things to note:

  • Rider Skill Reset - A new Dragon Rider feature will be making its way to War Dragons in the coming weeks! Rider Skills will be able to be reset if you want to structure your Rider in different ways. This new feature is not specific to the Springblossom Season, or to the Dragon Rider Saito; it will be a permanent feature for every Dragon Rider in-game moving forward! We’ll provide an update online and in-game when the Rider Skill Reset feature is available to everyone.

  • Crafting Shards replacing Rider Gear - Following up from the recent Atlas Updates we announced last week, Dragon Rider Gear in Seasons branches will now be replaced with Crafting Shards. This is so shards can be used to craft your choice of Gear, and can be applied to your choice of Rider. Additionally, Crafting Shards found in each Dragon Rider’s Seasons branch can be claimed as one of three different Rider elements! These elements will change based on the Dragon Rider branch.


See below for a prizing table of the new Dragon Rider Lines:

Amount of Sigils needed to Complete Rider Branches: 30,000 (previously 25,000)

Prize Previous Season Amount Springblossom Season Amount
Silver Chests 3 3 (Unchanged)
Gold Chests 110 150
Ice Shards 2700 0
Fire Shards 500 0
Elemental Embers 8,200 12,000
Breeding Tokens 8,850 15,000
Mystic Fragments 33 0
12H Timers 75 150
Rune Dust 300,000 0
24H 2x Wood 1 0
24H 2x Food 3 0
Rider Shards 399 399 (Unchanged)
Crafting Shards 0 600,000
Crafting Scrolls 0 10,000
Epic Gear (in pieces) 8 0

New Branch: Base Boost

A new introduction to Seasons is the Base Boost branch, which will include prizes that can be used exclusively to increase your base’s viability throughout the Springblossom Season. In addition to prizes like timers and Elemental Embers, players will also be able to collect Base Attack and HP boosts that will directly increase your base’s defense power, and are automatically applied once claimed! These boosts will last for the duration of the active Season, and into the upcoming Summer Season for a total of 3 months from the launch date of the branch. Defense power will return to the intended levels once these 3 months are up.

The Base Boost is considered a Legendary branch, and will therefore cost 30k sigils to complete. It will also have an obtainable Seasons Key at the end of the branch, which can be used towards unlocking one of the Springblossom Mythics.

This branch will release in the 5th week of the Season (around the middle of April), along with the 3rd Legendary Dragon line and the 2nd Dragon Rider. We’ll announce more details about the Base Boost branch closer to this time!


War Dragons - Kaiji

Sunken Yokai

War Dragons - Kaiji

A cruel water spirit found in swiftly flowing river currents.


While the Sacred Ridge rivers are valuable resources to the region, they are not without their dangers. For where there are rivers, there are usually river-spirits. Most spirits have no desire to interfere with the lives of mortals, but there are always exceptions, Kaiji being one of them. A rather malicious spirit, Kaiji lurks deep within the flowing waters, waiting for any pilgrim or farmer to lean too close to the river’s edge. Those not scared away by the dragon-spirit’s appearance are dragged into the depths of the river, never to be seen again.

Legendary Ice Sorcerer


  • Breath of the Drowned - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Dragon's breath attack deals 85% increased damage and freezes buildings for 2 seconds. Spell has a 4 second duration and a 3 second cooldown.

  • Arcane Aegis - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Activates a shield that decreases all damage taken by 100% and absorbs Mage Tower’s Supershot to gain 2 Rage. The shield will not be broken by cannon super shots. Spell has a 4 second duration and a 2 second cooldown.

  • Undertow - Passive

    • Dragon's breath attack causes towers to take 20% increased damage. Dragon has 75% increased Rage generation.

  • Summon Water Spirit - Active | Red | 2 Rage

    • Summons a Dragon with 60% of your Dragon's modified HP as health and 4% of your Dragon's modified HP as damage.


Runes and Glyphs:


  • Epic Rune of the Drowned: Increases Breath of the Drowned Duration

  • Legendary Rune of the Drowned: Increases Breath of the Drowned Duration and increases Sorcerer HP

  • Mythic Glyph of the Drowned: Increases Breath of the Drowned Duration and increases Sorcerer HP


Kaiji Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Kaiji’s spell set is built around supporting its summon spell: Summon Water Spirit. A high DPS (damage per second), low HP summon, Kaiji’s Water Spirit will quickly go down if not protected. Kaiji’s primary disabling spell, Breath of the Drowned, will freeze any towers damaged by Kaiji’s breath attack while the spell is active. Frozen towers don’t tend to do very much, so freezing Mage Towers and threatening flak towers is essential to keeping the Water Spirit alive. To amplify both Kaiji’s and the Water Spirit’s damage, Kaiji has Undertow. This passive causes any towers damaged by Kaiji’s breath attack to take increased damage from all sources. This includes further breath damage from Kaiji and the attacks from the Water Spirit summon. Kaiji’s summon may still meet an unfortunate end, but fear not. Summon Water Spirit can be recast throughout the battle, whenever it’s destroyed. Kaiji has access to ample Rage generation to allow this. Arcane Aegis will turn any incoming mage tower super shots into additional Rage resources and Kaiji’s Undertow passive also increases Kaiji’s passive Rage generation.


Portrait: Prowling Ninja


War Dragons Portrait - Prowling Ninja



War Dragons - Haku

Stalwart Komainu

War Dragons Duskfall Season - Haku

Komainu dragons ward evil spirits away from Sacred Ridge shrines


Throughout the Sacred Ridge, many shrines, monuments, and temples have been built in memory of benevolent spirits, honorable ancestors, and historical events. Haku and their kin have long been bred to watch over these culturally significant sites. Haku uses their magic to ward off any evil intentions directed towards their charge.  Greedy looters and harmful spirits are no match for Haku’s claws and protective magic, so the Sacred Ridge’s ancient landmarks are particularly well-preserved.


Legendary Earth Warrior



  • Purifying Aegis - Active | Blue | 2 Rage

    • The spell blocks 80% of incoming damage and restores 20% of the Dragon's modified HP. Spell has a 4 second duration and no cooldown.

  • Rampage - Active | White | 2 Rage

    • Increases Dragon attack damage by 100% for 4.5 seconds. Heals for 20% of the Dragon’s modified HP per tower destroyed, and Rage regeneration is increased by 50%. Spell has a 10 second cooldown.

  • Protective Talisman - Active | White | 0 Rage

    • Dragon becomes briefly immune to damage and Rage drain super shots. Spell has a 1.5 second duration and 4.5 second cooldown.

  • Shrine Guardian - Passive

    • Dragon has 100% increased Rage generation.


Discount Information

Haku’s entire Season branch will be discounted by 50% for two weeks from Wednesday, March 6th until Tuesday, March 19th.


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of Warding: Increases Purifying Aegis’ healing

  • Legendary Rune of Warding: Increases Purifying Aegis’ healing and increases Rampage duration

  • Mythic Glyph of Warding: Increases Purifying Aegis’ healing and increases Rampage duration



Haku Spotlight Video


Design Intent and Strategy:

Haku is all about dealing short bursts of damage and protecting itself with multiple shields during the burst period’s downtime. Haku’s burst damage comes from Rampage, a powerful breath-damage boost that also restores health when towers are destroyed while the spell is active. Blue Mage Towers are the highest priority for Haku, as destroying them allows Haku to use their primary shield: Purifying Aegis. This blue spell restores health on cast and reduces all incoming damage by a large percentage. In order to protect Haku’s Rage resources, the dragon has a second shield: Protective Talisman. Rewarding excellent timing, Protective Talisman can be activated at any time to briefly shield the Dragon from all damage and Mage tower super shots. To find success, Haku fliers must compensate for Rampage’s down time by making effective use of both shields. Purifying Aegis blocks a majority of damage when Rampage is offline, and Protective Talisman can prevent Haku’s Rage bar from being frozen by Mage Towers.


Portrait: Kanabo Sentinel


War Dragons Portrait - Kanobo Sentinel

War Dragons - Ronin

Wayward Samurai

War Dragons  - Ronin

A fabled fallen soldier, still searching for its long-dead master.


Ronin and their rider were known throughout the Sacred Ridge as the most fearsome dragon-samurai duo. They always fought with honor and never backed down from a challenge. One day, however, they met their match. In the heat of battle, Ronin and their rider were separated. They were both outnumbered and overwhelmed, and Ronin’s rider was ultimately slain. Ronin flew into a frenzy, unleashing all of their power to avenge their fallen friend. None survived the dragon’s fury, but vengeance did not bring Ronin peace. Too stubborn to simply die, Ronin now wanders the Sacred Ridge, searching for an opponent to best them in battle. Ronin will fight until the end, no matter how desperately they wish to return to their rider’s side.


Mythic Dark Hunter



  • Way of the Blade - Active | White | 0-2 Rage

    • Cycle through three strikes of increasing size and damage. Spell has a 6 second cooldown that triggers after using Execute.

      • Slice - Active | White | 0 Rage

        • Deals 300% of Dragon's attack power as damage to target tower.

      • Thrust - Active | White | 0 Rage

        • Deals 500% of Dragon's attack power as damage to all towers in a small area.

      • Execute - Active | White | 2 Rage

        • Deals (1,200%) of Dragon's attack power as damage to all towers in a large area

  • Entrap - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Stuns buildings in target area for 12 seconds, or until the towers are damaged.

  • Fighting Spirit - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Drains all remaining Hunter Ammo and restores 20% of Dragon's modified HP, increased by how much ammo was consumed, up to 78% of the modified HP. Dragon has increased Hunter ammo regeneration for its 2.5 second duration. Spell has a 5 second cooldown.

  • Adaptive Immunity - Active | White

    • Resists 100% of selected Flak tower, and can cycle between Electro, Dark, and Fire. Dragon also gains a small amount of Rage upon use.


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of the Wanderer: Increases Fighting Spirit Healing

  • Legendary Rune of the Wanderer: Increases Fighting Spirit Healing and increases Hunter Attack

  • Mythic Glyph of the Wanderer: Increases Fighting Spirit Healing and increases Hunter Attack


Ronin Spotlight Video 


Design Intent and Strategy:

Ronin is a powerful hunter that relies on up-front burst damage and disabling power, rather than the more traditional cloak and hit-and-run tactics of other hunters. The key ability for Ronin is Way of the Blade. Actually comprised of three spells, Way of the Blade provides Ronin with three targeted spell-attacks that increase in power and size. These spells culminate in a large, AOE (area of effect) death-gaze that will destroy most of an island. Ronin’s ability to avoid incoming damage isn’t spectacular. Instead, Ronin opts to prevent damage from happening at all. Ronin has Adaptive Immunity, a powerful adaptive resist spell that blocks all incoming damage from the chosen tower type. When attacking an island, Ronin can combine Adaptive Immunity with Entrap to effectively neutralize two sources of incoming damage, without even destroying them. With no cloak spell, Ronin is going to take some hits, and that’s where Ronin’s healing spell, Fighting Spirit, comes into play. Fighting Spirit will completely drain Ronin’s ammo reserve, converting it into health. The more ammo drained, the more healing Ronin will receive. Ronin can often have high-healing uses of Fighting Spirit, as the Dragon is far less pressured to use its breath attack thanks to Adaptive Immunity and Entrap.


War Dragons - Zenko

Aspect of the Fox

War Dragons  - Zenko

A cunning trickster, this patron spirit is known for its shapeshifting abilities.


There are many animal spirits in the Sacred Ridge. Each is embodied by a dragon that takes on the animals’ characteristics. Zenko is the Aspect of the Fox. Hardly a stranger to interacting with mortals, this strange, furry dragon has been seen by many travelers throughout the region. Zenko enjoys playing harmless tricks on any passersby, but what is considered harmless for a large dragon-spirit is probably not harmless for a relatively tiny human.


Mythic Wind Sorcerer



  • Foxfire Bolt - Active | White | 1 Rage

    • Deals 1,500% of Dragon's attack power as damage to target tower and restores 10% of Dragon's modified HP on cast. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Kitsune Mischief - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

    • Dragon cloaks briefly. While cloaked, Dragon flies at 25% of normal speed. After 2 seconds, the Dragon will come out of cloaking and will damage nearby buildings for 12% of Dragon's modified HP. Damage does not remove tower-disabling effects. Dragon's breath attack deals 100% increased damage for 4 seconds after uncloaking. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

  • Trickster’s Tookit - Passive

    • Gain 1 Rage and a spell when Dragon destroys a tower. Please see below for the Trickster’s Toolkit Spell Matrix.

  • Elemental Resist - Passive

    • 50% damage reduction against all elemental attacks (Flaks and Beams).


Trickster’s Toolkit Spell Matrix

Defense Tower Spell Gained
Archer Tower Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Cannon Tower Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Ballista Tower Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Storm Tower Magic Barrier (White)
Trebuchet Tower Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Lightning Tower Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Red Mage Tower Death Gaze (Red)
Blue Mage Tower Magic Barrier (White)
Ice Turret Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Fire Turret Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Dark Flak Tower Death Gaze (Red)
Fire Flak Tower Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Ice Flak Tower Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Electro Flak Tower Ensnaring Vines (Red)
Earth Flak Tower Magic Barrier (White)
Totems (All Types) Magic Barrier (White)
Lumber Mill Death Gaze (Red)
Sheep Farm Death Gaze (Red)
Dragon Perch Ensnaring Vines (Red)


Runes and Glyphs:

  • Epic Rune of Trickery: Increases Foxfire Bolt Healing

  • Legendary Rune of Trickery: Increases Foxfire Bolt Healing and increases Sorcerer HP

  • Mythic Glyph of Trickery: Increases Increases Foxfire Bolt Healing and increases Sorcerer HP


Zenko Spotlight Video 


Design Intent and Strategy:

Zenko places a lot of value on being prepared. The Dragon always wants to have the right spell at the right time. To achieve this, Zenko has Trickster’s Toolkit as a passive. Whenever Zenko destroys a tower, Zenko will receive either Magic Barrier, a red Noxious Vines, or Death Gaze, depending on the tower destroyed. Zenko can easily pick which spell it wants by using Foxfire Bolt, a powerful single-target spell that will heavily damage, and often destroy, a target tower. Foxfire Bolt opens up quick spell chains and combos for Zenko. For example, Zenko can Foxfire Bolt a Red Mage tower to get Death Gaze, which can quickly be used on the Blue Mage tower to get Magic Barrier, which will then shield Zenko until Foxfire Bolt comes off cooldown and the chain resets. Since Zenko is all about adaptability, the same spell chain shouldn’t always be used. To fight against Storm Tower shields, Zenko can use Foxfire Bolt on the Blue Mage tower to enable Kitsune Mischief, a short cloak that heavily damages all nearby towers when the cloak ends. This explosion will give Zenko the burst needed to kill the Storm tower and then take down the rest of the island. To succeed, Zenko fliers must consider both Zenko’s innate spells and the tricks in their Toolkit. Carefully planning and quick reactions will separate the good Zenko fliers from the great.


War Dragons - Saito

Blind Swordsman

War Dragons - Saito


Skill Tree:


Skill Decription Skill Points Needed Skill Level Limit Buff per Level Total Buff Gain

Dragon Attack

Increases Dragon Attack 1 5 0.6


Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 1 5 0.6 3
Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon Training Cost Decreases Dragon Training Cost 3 5 -1.4 -7
Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 5 5 1 5
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 5 5 1 5
Dragon Attack Increases Dragon Attack 5 5 1 5
Dragon HP Increases Dragon HP 5 5 1 5
Hunter Ammo Increases Hunter Ammo 25 1 1 1


Crafting Shards Elements: Dark / Wind / Ice

Branch Details: Saito’s Season Branch will have his Rider Shards and Crafting Shards mixed in throughout the entire branch.


Will you find a long-lost samurai with the power of Ronin, or cleverly trick your opponents with the mischievous Zenko? Fly on over to the official War Dragons Forums to discuss these new Dragons with the community!


As a celebration of new life on the Earth, please enjoy these Cherry Blossom quotes to get in the Springblossom mood:


“Flowers enshrine my heart between their petals;

that's why my heartbeats love them so much.”

- Munia Khan

“Look at the cherry blossoms!

Their color and scent fall with them,

Are gone forever,

Yet mindless

The spring comes again.”

-  Ikkyu

“Come see the cherry trees of a water constellation

and the round key of the rapid universe,

come touch the fire of instantaneous blue,

come before its petals are consumed.”

- Pablo Neruda


“In the cherry blossom's shade

there's no such thing as a stranger.”

- Kobayashi Issa

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