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An All-New Dragons Experience: Dungeons

Dungeons Announce

Can you defeat the Void?


The Void: An evil, nebulous place from which nefarious and dangerous Dragons have emerged. Architects and Dragonspeakers alike have heard tales for centuries of nefarious souls trying to find the portal connecting this dark world with ours; recently, Kharnyx has succeed in opening the portal between the two worlds. Across the sea, past where history has long forgotten, a mysterious land lay dormant, secretly harboring Kharnyx’s dark secret. Hidden deep in the caves, a Dungeon of menacing threats and traps, laid by the Void cultists, seek to dissuade curious travelers from revealing its twisted secret before their plan can take shape. Now, what’s hidden is no longer, and our time to strike back against the Void is nigh!


The All-New Dragons Experience: Dungeons

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Dragon Lords, the all-new Dragons experience, Dungeons, arrives in War Dragons this October! Fly through a brand new map filled with exciting discoveries that lead your Dragons through the island of Wraithfire Keep, past the glowing caves, and right up to the entrance of the Void’s ethereal door. Destroy the Void orb portal and bring the land of Dragons one step closer to safety for all.

Dungeons Livestream

Dungeons Preview and Developer Q&A


Have any questions or want to learn more about War Dragons’ newest experience? Join Dragons developers today, October 24th, for a Q&A livestream to ask your burning questions and chat more:


Thursday, 10/24 at 3pm PT (with a live demo!): Dungeons Preview and Q&A Livestream

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Beginning the Journey into the Dungeon


While we have added lots of new features, new systems, and, of course, new dragons to the game, the core map itself has changed in only a handful of ways over the game’s lifetime.  The action takes place on what is fundamentally the same map but with different towers and dragons on perches. The development team has long wanted to add a new map, but up until now, our team has faced some limiting factors inhibiting our ability to do so.


This month, we are finally changing that! We are shipping our first, all-new map in the form of Dungeons. No longer will towers be limited to five per island in a x shape. In addition, we have some brand new boss towers that will provide additional challenge and gameplay. This particular map and the new towers are designed as player versus environment only, but proving out this experience with the new map opens up a lot of possibilities for what we could do in the future.


The real show-stealer, though, is the art. The art team raised the bar on environmental art in the game. They delivered a new flight path for the dragon, an updated camera, lighting, effects, and of course a new layout with new geometry. The entire team has been hard at work to bring you this exciting new experience and we’re very proud to deliver it to you at last.


War Dragons - Void Orb

The evil Void Orb, portal to the Void.


A Visual Guide Through the Stages of Dungeons


The Dragons Art team created various concepts of Dungeons which were used as the main inspirations for the map and the journey one takes. From the island’s entrance and the castle’s main gate, through the glowing caves, and leading up to the final fight with the Void, these screens capture the art and mystery of the Dungeons experience.


Dungeons Concept Art


Flying Against the Void


War Dragons - Dungeons Map Overview


To begin your journey through a Dungeon, here’s an overview of the map, as seen from the skies above. The above is a good indication of what a typical level in Dungeons may look like for players. 


Players expect some new Island mechanics throughout their flights in Dungeons. Manipulated by the Void and its cultists, islands in the Keep have shed the restriction of the standard 5 towers per island rules; therefore, some islands along the journey to the Void Orb will have 6 or more towers. The Void and its cultists are unable to manipulate some tower interactions to their benefit, so islands will still be unable to have a storm and an Earth Flak on the same, for example. In addition to the tower numbers increasing, islands may also have Archer and Cannon Boss Towers, which can be identified by their purple glow. While Dragon Lords have seen Boss Towers before in Temple Raid, those in Dungeons will be a bit more intimidating after the infusion of Void energy they’ve received. 


Check out the video below for a fly-through of one of the Dungeon Maps!


Dungeons: Fly-Through

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Think you’ve got it down? Catch the Developer Livestream today, October 24th, 3pm PT at to get a first look at a Dungeon’s flight, and ask any questions you have about this new map to our dev team!


Win In-Game Rewards during Dungeons Launch Week

War Dragons - Dungeons Event
From October 28th to October 30th, Dragon Lords will get to participate in a PvE style event utilizing Dungeons. Players will need to use Keys to run through the different Tiers of the event. Players’ Keys will regenerate at a rate of 1 per hour although players will be able to refill their Keys faster if they so choose by using rubies or Key Packs, which are similar to energy packs. 

Similar to Assault, Dungeon Tiers will increase in difficulty as you move through the event. Players will need to complete 100% of each Dungeon Tier to be able to advance to the next level as well as meet the player level requirement for each Tier.

Dungeons Player Level Requirements

During the first run of the event, players will be receiving Crafting Shards of various elements for successful Tier completions; however, Black Pearls, Timers, and Elemental Embers have a chance to drop as prizes as well! The amount of prizes given out for a successful run will increase as players traverse through more difficult levels. Players can replay each level they’ve completed to obtain more prizes!


In addition to the prizes players will gain from just completing Tiers in the event, 2 new portraits will be available for this Launch Week event! Players will get the first portrait for successfully completing Tier 10 of the Dungeons, and those who complete the 20th Tier will receive a second portrait. Portraits that players earned during the course of the event shall be distributed later that same week! 

War Dragons - Dungeons Reward Portraits
Left: Tier 1 Celestial Portrait; Right: Tier 2 Corrupted Celestial Portrait

Dungeons will be available for the first time beginning on Monday, October 28th. What are your thoughts on this new experience coming to War Dragons? Fly over to the Twitch Livestream to join the preview and Q&A at 3pm PT today and chat with the Development Team about this new feature!


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