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What Might the Pumpkins Bring Dragon Lords this Halloween?

War Dragons - Spooky Pumpkin Branch


“Even death could not stop him. Whispers amongst the commonfolk speak of glimpses of a glowing lance gliding through the night sky, accompanied by the shrieks of 10,000 bats. But I know that mere bats don’t leave entire towns of lifeless husks. No, it could only be him. The unholy light of the Withermoon has awakened the vile creature once again. Kharnyx’s fallen dragon thirsts for blood. Necryx has returned.”


Starting on Wednesday, October 23nd through November 5th, you’ll be able to claim free bonus prizes and a Spooky Pumpkin each day from the Spooky Pumpkin branch! 

Note: the Branch will not be available when the Event Page is down.


Additional prizes, listed below, will be available alongside the possible 13 total Spooky Pumpkins. 

Day Additional Prizes Amount Given
1 - 12 Gold Chest 3
1 Inner Fire 10
2 3 Hour Timers 4
3 Elemental Embers 250
4 Energy Packs 5
5 Black Pearls 200
6 Inner Fire 10
7 3 hour Timers 4
8 Gold Chest 3
9 Energy Packs 5
10 Black Pearls 200
11 Elemental Embers 250
12 Gold Chest 3

Each day’s prize resets at 6pm PDT. Pumpkins will be available on Wednesday, October 23rd, alongside the event launch at 2pm PTand reset the following day, October 24th, at 6pm PT. Depending on how many Spooky Pumpkins you claim, you’ll be able to unlock an exclusive Necryx portrait for a limited time! Don’t miss out!

Tier 1 portrait - 7 Spooky Pumpkins
War Dragons - Spooky Pumpkins Necryx Portrait Tier 1
Tier 2 portrait - 9 Spooky Pumpkins
War Dragons - Spooky Pumpkins Necryx Portrait Tier 2
Tier 3 portrait - 11 Spooky Pumpkins
War Dragons - Spooky Pumpkins Necryx Portrait Tier 3

Will the Spooky Pumpkins bring you treats? Discuss the new Spooky Pumpkins Branch with the Dragons community on the official War Dragons Forums!

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