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April's Dragon Lord Spotlight - JennaDragon


When did you start playing War Dragons?

I started playing on September 27, 2015 - specific enough? Haha!

What is your current level and team?

I'm currently level 61 in AsgardWarriors in Platinum.

What initially drew you to War Dragons?

The ad.  Seriously.  I saw the ad on one of the social media sites, and was in the market for a new game.  The whole dragons thing kind of drew me in, and once I started progressing, I was hooked.

Why have you stuck with the game?

The community.  I can honestly say, I wouldn't have stayed around if it wasn't for the people.  Teammates, random players in-game, people on the forums...  We have some of the best people playing this and contributing to the improvement of the game.  The amount of time some are able to invest into tools and resources for others to use is incredible.  I've never seen a mobile game community as involved and willing to help as I have seen in War Dragons.

What's your favorite aspect of War Dragons?

Again, it's definitely the people.  I'm also pretty fond of blowing stuff up… ;)

Do you have any tips for newer players?

Level your dragons faster than you build your base!  Your dragons should definitely out-pace your game level.  Also, find a great team!  I was lucky enough to jump right into an amazing team (CasualDeath, now CasualDrunks.  Lol), and that GREATLY improved my game experience.  I don't think I would've stuck around if I hadn't gotten involved with a great team.

How crucial would you say your team is to your success in the game

ABSOLUTELY crucial.  Trying to go it alone is probably the biggest mistake you could possibly make.  Find a dedicated team; make sure they have an activity level comparable to the amount of time and effort you're willing to invest into the game.  You don't want to be stuck on a team with low activity if you're very active, and looking to advance.  If your team isn't right for you, find a new one.  Find players you admire and message them; there's absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out.  If they don't have room on their team, they may have a sister team with an opening.  You'll never know unless you take the first step.  Also, watch the forums for teams looking for active players.  There always seem to be people in need of dedicated people to add to their teams.

What differentiates your team from others out there? Is there something you all have in common?

Besides the fact that we're awesome??  ;)  I have never seen a group of people more willing to go the extra mile to help each other out.  Need 200k lumber to upgrade a farm?  Let's coordinate as many simultaneous drops as possible to get you there.  Need to revenge a level 94 who hit 33 levels down?  Don't worry, our level 100+ guys totally have your back.  It's also awesome that we're an international team, so we have players online at all hours of the day.  Australia is basically exactly opposite of the US on the clock, so when we're all sound asleep, our Aussies are kicking butt and protecting our honor.  

What is your current favorite event type and why?

I really enjoy the Blackbloods events; they're such a great gauge of progress within the game.  Maybe you were a level 20 the first time you played the event; sure, it probably wasn't very fun back then.  Now you're a level 60...guess what?  You can power through SO many more bases this time.  It's just a good feeling to know your hard work is paying off, and to see that progress is even better.

What is your least favorite event type and why?

Two words: INNER FIRE.  Any Inner Fire events.  It doesn't matter what they are.  Oh, a new event uses Inner Fires?  I already hate it.  Seriously, Inner Fire spells are the bane of my existence.  It's like you automatically know you're going to fail unless you're able to get lots of gold chests.  No thank you very much.

If you could add one feature to the game, what would it be and why?

Just off the top of my head, it would be cool to have a tracker for resources.  I've come across people who would constantly ask for hundreds of thousands of RSS, yet you would never see them contribute to anyone else.  It would be nice to see at a glance how much someone has donated versus how much they have received.  I'm sure there are better, more pertinent features one could come up with, but that one has been on my mind for quite awhile.

What your current goals within War Dragons?

Currently I'm just working on getting myself to level 63; I'd really like to train Carsis and Sobek since they're both currently capped for my level.  I also need to get Amarok and Ith leveled; they're both still babies (level 9).

What other games do you enjoy playing?

War Dragons is really the only mobile game I play religiously.  As far as overall games, I've recently started playing Skyrim and Heavy Rain again after putting them down a few years ago.  I've also purchased a bunch of PC games within the last few months, so I'm working on building a gaming PC to play those.  I'm pretty much open to playing anything as long as it doesn't make me rage TOO much.

When you're not playing War Dragons, what else do you love to do in your free time?

Console/PC gaming, watching Twitch streams, hanging out with my guy and kids, playing with my dogs; pretty much anything relaxing is a winner in my book.

You've been very active with the community by participating in the forums, taking part in the Ashenvale chat, and live streaming. What are some factors that led to becoming so involved and what are your primary motivators?

Well, initially I got on the forums to gripe about one thing or another, but then I just started reading more threads, and, being the opinionated person I am, felt the need to contribute my two cents.  It just kind of blossomed from there.  The Ashenvale Alliance invite caught me by surprise, seeing as I'm not in Diamond, nor am I a big spender in the game, but I was very honored to be invited.  It was cool to be able to see the workings of some of the big boys in the game, and also to give the opinions of the smaller guys.  You know, since there are more leagues than just Diamond.  Decisions that work well for Diamond may be a terrible idea for Platinum and below, so I think it's important we have a voice.  As far as streaming...I don't know.  I just got the wild idea one day to do it, so I did.  I thought it would be a fun way to connect with other players, and maybe learn from others who play.  I mean, I can hold my own, but I still can't harness the full potential of hunter dragons (warriors are my jam).

Do you see yourself making the jump to Diamond league in the future? Why or why not?

Maybe someday down the line, but I'm in no rush.  Diamond seems to be a beast all its own.  I just don't feel like I can dedicate the time/energy necessary for Diamond right now.  I would hate to be a detriment to my team.

Can you describe some of the standout personalities on your team?

Oh man, they are a bunch of nuts!  I haven't been on the team for very long, but I can already tell you, this is a great bunch of people.  First, my friend Recon11B; he followed me over from my previous team, so it's nice having an old friend around.  Plus, I can dump resources on him anytime, and he never gets mad, haha! CaptBuckRogers is one who I knew from the forums before joining the team; he's been great, and is always willing to lend a dragon to a friend in need.  GeorgeMauge, TyrSworn, and FawltyTowers definitely provide a lot of laughs, and always seem to be around when you need an assist.  Slamjitsu and Ruff are our heavy hitters; levels 126 and 109, respectively.  They're always willing to drop 100k+ RSS at a time, or back you up if you want to hit way higher than your level.  And of course, our fearless leader, Deanne.  She is always there when you need someone to wing you, and contributes to wars more than anyone I've ever seen (I mean, come on, she has 17.1k war flames!!)

Who's your favorite non-AsgardWarriors player in War Dragons? :)

Every single person I left on CasualDeath.  They became a second family.  And Pixxel, of course.  ;-)

What base building strategies have you personally been employing lately?  How will they help you defend better at your level?

I just try to keep a good mix of towers throughout my base.  Although I do have a couple islands that are less diverse due to equipped runes (lightning towers with lightning runes, archers with archer runes, etc.).  Right now I'm planning on maxing my mage towers; that rage drain is maddening!

What dragon are you going to be targeting in the next breeding event?

I'll be going for gold with the next breeding event!  Caladbolg is one I'm excited to breed; that Thunderstorm spell looks super fun.  Plus, Chain Lightning is an old favorite (though not super effective at higher levels).  Also, Bander will be my love; he combines the best from Carsis and Sobek into one (Vampiric Touch is probably my fave spell.)  Just gotta work on getting to level 63 first...

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