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War Dragons to Release 100,000 Dragon Balloons Over San Francisco Bay in Honor of Its 1st Birthday


SAN FRANCISCO- April 1, 2016- War Dragons is announcing today that, in celebration of its 1st birthday later this month, the game’s developer will be releasing 100,000 dragon balloons over the San Francisco bay.

The plan has kicked off a vigorous debate among environmental groups, adding further excitement to this spectacular event.

War Dragons will be unleashing the swarm of latex dragon balloons over the SF Bay at noon on Friday, April 1st. One out of every 100 balloons will also contain special dragon treasures, including everything from dimes and hard candy to miniature bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. The balloons are crafted from durable clown-grade latex, making them highly resistant to popping and decomposition. Even after they've run out of air, they’re expected to become fun floating fixtures around the SF bay, on par with the Bay Lights or Coit Tower. They will add colorful, dragony delight to the area for years to come. 

“We’ve just been really excited about the community response that War Dragons has gotten in its first year and none of that would have been possible without our San Francisco headquarters,” said a company spokesperson. “We wanted to find a way to give back to San Francisco, so we’re giving the gift of 100,000 friendly dragon balloons dancing across its powerlines, bodies of water and local schoolyards. I mean, who doesn’t love balloons?”

War Dragons launched on iOS in April 2015 and is coming soon to Android.

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