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Twitch Draws a Dragon - April 20

Join us in creating a brand new dragon and make history.

Calling all Dragon Lords! On Wednesday, April 20, we'll be giving you the chance to work with a War Dragons artist to shape a dragon that will be brought to life in the game. Join your hosts, Pixxel and Kinman, between 3 PM - 5 PM Pacific at to participate. Ten lucky winners will also be selected to win real life prizes featuring our community creation!

Meet Your Artist: Kinman Chan

For over 12 years Kinman Chan has been creating digital art for various facets of the entertainment industry - including Animation, Film, VFX, Games (AAA and Mobile), TV, Theme Parks, Toys, and Comics. He has been active as an Art Director and Concept Artist for several different ventures and endeavors.

Kinman had the honor of working directly with George Lucas and a small team on various Star Wars projects, recently having a hand in both the upcoming Star Wars Theme Park and Gareth Edward's Rogue One film due out at Q4 2016. Through his diverse experience, he has been able to work on projects with the likes, eyes, and approval of Bob Zemeckis, Hayao Miyazaki, and comic legend Dave Gibbons.

He has been internationally showcased in io9, Kotaku, and other websites, interviewed for digital art magazines including Imagine FX, and awarded for his unique artistic works. Kinman's visual creation for Madefire Inc. helped spearhead the digital publisher's portfolio of work, bringing international attention and buzz, eventually making Apple's Best Apps in 2012. His work experience includes (among the client list) Lucasfilm, Disney Image Movers, Sony, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, and EA games.

Now with War Dragons on the rise, Kinman is applying his gifts towards the fantasy genre at Pocket Gems to aid in continuing the success to bring powerfully epic imagery to the dragon community!

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