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Who Wants to Draw a Dragon?

Do you ever stay awake at night just thinking about concepts for new dragons? Do you ever wish that some of those dragon concepts could be translated into a mobile game? Possibly via Twitch? Well, that’s a very specific fantasy, but you’re in luck!

Later this month we’ll be trying something new…  We’re going to have YOU the players help us to create a new dragon that will be implemented in War Dragons!

We can’t share all the details just yet but look for more details coming soon. This will be happening on April 20th!

A New Enemy Approaches…

Via Joe on the forums….

Dragon Lords,

Gustav’s reign draws to a close. In the Age of Chaos, war has rendered the lands asunder, but this terror cannot last forever. Soon, order and justice will come to the shores, even if it must be brought through force.

Separated from a nation no longer around, gifted with an ability to communicate with dragons, meet your newest rival in the world of War Dragons, Lirpa!

As you can see, Lirpa may be a lord of the dragons, but he’s not defenseless himself! Wielding the legendary Dragonsoul Warsword, Lirpa commands a fearsome army of dragons including his best friend, the ancient dragon Sloof, ready to fight to the death to reclaim his lost nation.

What’s that? Did we just mention a new unique Ancient Dragon? Well we were saving the preview for later this year, but now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s take a preview at the latest and greatest powerhouse coming to War Dragons, Sloof!

Behold, the apex predator of the skies

Sloof is an ancient dragon hailing from the a land far away from our own. That’s right, the Sloof is a Galaxy Dragon borne from the heart of a sun, incubated in the cosmos! Prepare for an absolute onslaught, as Sloof brings new spells including:

  • Battle Hug: Dragon hugs a tower at maximum love, bringing forth an onslaught of amicability that renders towers on the targeted island too delighted to attack your next dragons

  • Ultima-Hug: Dragon hugs a powerful laser onto targeted island, decimating 1 tower of your choice with the power of friendship

  • Huge Hug: Dragon hugs your opponent’s base. This adorable attack charms your opponent so much, that you will get maximum lumber and food from your attack, even if you fail!

Prepare for a new age, Dragon Lords. This season, every war ends in hugs.

Reminder to Register for Android

War Dragons Android is so close we can almost taste it!! It’s right around the corner...

Be sure to get in on all the Android dragony (Andragony? Dragadroid?) goodness and pre-register for Android here.

Gustavo @ GCP Next

Gustavo (you may know him as evil lord Gustav) recently spoke about how we developed War Dragons at a Google event, GCP Next 16. Take a look below if you’re curious to see behind the curtain of War Dragons.

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“I also design dragons one right now I'm doing for a video game. This is a bit like a dragon. It's like a mix between a lion, dragon and elk.”

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