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Referral Program Reward Changes

Heya, Dragon Lords! 

After carefully examining our Referral Program, we thought that it could use some improvements - especially in regards to the rewards that it provides. 

After all, what better way to enjoy War Dragons than to do so with a group of friends? 

For a limited time, inviting your friends will earn both you upgraded rewards! The promotion will run until November 30th, 2020. We’d like to invite you to take a look at the images below to visualize the new and improved rewards. 

The Old

As can be seen below, the current Referral Program rewards players whose friends reach different levels, up to level 100. At levels 20 and 40, players obtain a Phweemp Egg. Phweemp can be bred when players obtain 20 eggs.


The New!

Now, with the New reward system, we are providing much better rewards for inviting your friends. You will receive upgraded rewards from level 20 onwards.

See below for a visualization:


Not only are there better rewards overall after level 20, but Phweemp The Destroyer is becoming much more accessible as well. You can now earn the beloved Phweemp The Destroyer much earlier in the whole process!

When inviting your friends, make sure that they receive the following message to ensure that the referral code has been successfully applied!

Do I Get New Rewards If I’ve Already Referred a Friend?

Yes, you do! The rewards do not apply retroactively though, which means that levels already reached by the referee won’t receive the upgrade. Any levels not reached will be upgraded. This means that if your friend was at level 10, then the rewards from level 10 and below won’t be changed but anything from level 11+ will receive the new rewards for the duration of this promotion.

Make sure to stop by our War Dragons Forums and let us know your thoughts about the changes to the Referral Program!

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