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The Stars Have Aligned to reveal a new Tower - The Cosmic Orrery

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

A cosmic phenomenon brought a vision to one of the prodigies of the main Machinarium held deep within the mountains of the Stygian Glaze. The individual pieces didn't seem to amount to much, but when the construction was put together and began to move, the celestial end result amazed even the most wizened engineers overlooking its construction.

Welcome the new addition to the War Dragons Tower family - the Cosmic Orrery!

Cosmic Orrery Branch

The new Cosmic Orrery Branch will cost 15k Eclipse Sigils and contain 2 Eclipse season keys! The branch will contain enough of the Tower's unique currency, Cosmic Charge, for one level 121 Cosmic Orrery Tower. In addition, the Branch will also contain a healthy amount of both Electrum and Timers.  

But wait, there's more! -- Along with the Cosmic Orrery's release, the 2nd Crystal Howitzer Tower will be buildable for Dragon Lords with a Player Level of at least 50.


Orrery = 1 per small island
Howitzer = 1 per perch region (first 3 islands, next 3 islands, last 2 islands)

Cosmic Orrery’s FAQ

What to expect from the Cosmic Orrery Tower’s regular attack?

The Cosmic Orrery Tower is characterized by its long-range projectile attacks that pull dragons in and disable their natural rage regeneration.

What is the Cosmic Orrery Tower’s Supershot ability?

The Cosmic Orrery’s Supershot ability fires a protective barrier on nearby towers and gives them a shield based on a percentage of the Cosmic Orrery’s total health.

What is the range of the Cosmic Orrery Tower’s regular and Supershot attacks?

Regular Attack range: 100
Supershot Attack range: 90

What’s the best strategy for building the Cosmic Orrery Tower?

The Cosmic Orrery is a defensive tower that functions similarly to Earth Flak towers. Anywhere on your base that you currently use a Storm Tower or an Earth Flak, you can consider upgrading to the increased range and utility of the Cosmic Orrery.

How many Cosmic Orrery Towers can I build?

Sharing the same restrictions as the Earth Flaks and Drakul Pylon, you can build 1 per island and 8 total.

At what level can I build my first Cosmic Orrery Tower?

You can build the Cosmic Orrery Tower once you have reached Level 45

When will the Cosmic Orrery Tower become available?

The Cosmic Orrery Tower will be available alongside this week’s Fortification Frenzy event.

How do I upgrade the Cosmic Orrery Tower?

The Cosmic Orrery Tower can be upgraded using Cosmic Charges, which can be obtained from the new Cosmic Orrery Seasonal Branch. There will be enough Cosmic Charges in the Cosmic Orrery’s Seasonal Branch for Dragon Lords to get the Cosmic Orrery to max level.

Cosmic Orrery’s Stats

Final Notes

Should you wish to add the Cosmic Orrery to your Base at a later date and skip it during the Eclipse season, there is no need to worry - the Branch will be available again during the Spring season, with enough Cosmic Charge for at least one max Cosmic Orrery Tower. 

Note: going forward, there will be at least one branch per season that will contain the Cosmic Charge currency in its choice nodes.

As always, we can’t wait for you to let us know your take on the new tower over at the War Dragons Forums. Thank you!

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