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The Legendary Arcanum Dragons arrive today in War Dragons! Arcanum dragons are mysterious creatures, all. Most people only know them through tales told around a campfire, or through faded sketches in the scholars' tomes. Their secrets are unique, their origins obscure, their powers mythical. But the Eclipse changed everything. No longer content to remain fragments of stories lost to the passage of time -- Ikti, Malok, Caligos, Asuri, Phasma, and Korgon shake off the shrouds of solitude and take flight - becoming known to all of Atlas once more.

Obtaining the Arcanum Legendaries

These 6 Dragons will release at a cost of 1,600 Egg Shards per Dragon. Each Dragon will be able to be incubated at incubator Level 18 and Player Level 506. Tier 18 Legendaries can be Experted at Dragon Level 40, Dragons Den Level 135, and player Level 518. 

Tier-Based Discounting Update

With the release of the Arcanum Tier, we’ll be making some updates to Tier-based Discounting in order to smooth out the costs to progress from Red to Arcanum Tier. Just like previous tier releases, Breeding Token, Food, Experience, and incubation time costs will also be reduced proportionally. However, as before, the eggs and time required for research will not be reduced.

The following discounts will go into effect:

Trickster Dragon

Deception without malice. Pranks without pain.

Hail, traveler! Oh, that shrine, further down the road? That’s to Ikti. Have you heard of that dragon? Well then, I’ll tell you a little about Ikti while you refill your waterskin there. They’re a tricky dragon, for starters. Gotta keep one eye on Ikti and another on your coin-purse, ha! Once got tricked out of one of my prize cows I did, though I found that darn cow wandering a few miles away the next week. Anyway though, we like Ikti round these parts. A dragon that can take a joke and doesn’t burn down my house? What else could we ask for, ha! Now go on, leave a coin up at the shrine, and you have a real nice day, traveler!

Legendary Earth Hunter

Breeding Pair: Sylvix (16) & Cephoth (12)


MUCK! - Active | White | 1 Rage

Damages a target tower for (18)% of dragon's modified HP and freezes it for (4) seconds. (1) second cooldown.

DEVIOUS TRICK - Active | White | 1 Rage

Dragon cloaks for (2) seconds, recovers (50)% of its hunter ammo, and is slowed briefly (25% speed). Upon uncloaking, dragon damages nearby towers for (16)% of its modified HP and gains (200)% increased breath damage for (3) seconds.

BLOODLUST - Active  | Blue | 1 Rage

Using this spell grants 2 rage, and destroying a tower heals dragon for damage done to towers (0.15%). Duration is (5) seconds, cooldown is (2) seconds.


Cycles between Ice, Dark, Fire, and Electro Flak Resists. Restores (0.25) rage per use. Cooldown is (1) second

Design Intent

Ikti is a versatile hunter with a mix of disabling and destructive power. 

Ikti’s primary offensive spell is Muck! Which damages and freezes all towers in a small target area. Muck can be used to temporarily disable threatening towers, burst down a target, and buy time for Ikti’s cooldowns. Mage towers and Crystal howitzers are particularly juicy targets, as their slower projectiles can be dodged by a carefully timed spell cast. 

Ikti’s next spell is Devious Trick, which cloaks the dragon briefly and reloads some of its ammo. Upon uncloaking, Ikti damages nearby towers and gains massively increased breath damage for a short duration. Ikti is particularly powerful after uncloaking, so one should make sure that any Ice or Dark Flak towers are locked down in preparation. 

To help sustain health and rage, Ikti has Bloodlust, which restores some rage on cast and causes Ikti to heal whenever they destroy a tower. Bloodlust ensures that Ikti has consistent access to Muck and Devious Trick, while also providing the dragon with a powerful healing mechanic. If cast after uncloaking with Devious Trick, Ikti can score a massive heal by destroying multiple towers with its empowered breath attack. 

Ikti’s final spell is Adaptive Flak Resist, which can be toggled to change the dragon’s active resist and restore a small amount of rage. Adaptive Flak Resist can be combined with Muck to resist one tower and freeze another, providing Ikti with an abnormal amount of damage mitigation. Cycling the spell in-between islands to generate extra rage is another opportunity to maximize Ikti’s performance, though be careful not to expose the dragon to any unnecessary danger.

Icy Nomad

A dragon of the wide north, always traveling, rarely stopping.

Other dragons of the cold north previously ignored Asuri for the most part. Besides being a nomad and therefore moving in and out of their territory, Asuri wasn’t particularly threatening or powerful, and so this dragon slipped by in its endless travels, politely ignored by the true leviathans. However, things have changed after the Eclipse. The winds of magic are wild now, surging with arcane power, and Asuri’s ice magic has been especially empowered. It is just a matter of time before some enterprising Dragon Lord makes a pact with the ascendant Asuri, or perhaps this dragon will use its newfound power in some unexpected manner.

Legendary Ice Invoker

Breeding Pair: Sylvix (16) & Makota (12)


INVOKE: FREEZE - Passive | Yellow

Dragon's empowered breath attack freezes towers for (2) seconds within the attack's radius and deals (13)% of the dragon's modified hp as bonus damage.

ICY GUST - Active | White | 1 Rage

Dragon dodges all non-beam attacks for (1) second, recovers all of its invoker ammo, and damages nearby towers for (16)% of the Dragon's modified HP. Dragon is also slowed for the duration (25% speed). The cooldown is (6) seconds.

FLASH FREEZE - Active | Red | 2 Rage

Deals (10)% Dragon HP as damage and freezes all towers within range for (5) seconds. Towers take (150)% additional damage from all sources after being frozen. 

CYCLONE - Active | Red | 1 Rage

Dragon restores (2) rage and (16)% of its modified HP, becomes invincible for (2) seconds, and damages nearby towers for (12)% of the dragon's modified HP. The cooldown is (8) seconds.

Design Intent

Asuri is an explosive invoker, with each of its abilities providing strong AOE damage. 

Asuri’s empowered attack is Invoke: Freeze, which damages and freezes all towers in a moderate area. This empowered attack is excellent at disrupting mage towers and crystal howitzers, as it has the long range of a dragon’s breath attack and is effectively white, bypassing Red Mage shields. 

Asuri’s next spell is Icy Gust, which briefly dodges incoming projectiles, reloads Asuri’s Invoker ammo, and damages nearby towers. Icy Gust can be used as an additional means to dodge powerful supershots, but the spell is best used to augment Invoke: Freeze, allowing Asuri to either freeze an entire island or burst down threatening groups of towers. 

To further enhance Asuri’s AOE onslaught, the dragon has Flashfreeze, which damages and freezes all nearby towers. Additionally, any frozen towers take increased damage from breath attacks and spells. Try to time Flashfreeze so that you can also cast one or more of Asuri’s other spells in rapid succession, which increases their effectiveness and gives you more destruction for your spent rage. 

Asuri’s last spell is Cyclone, which damages all nearby towers, heals Asuri, and briefly makes the dragon invincible. Cyclone is Asuri’s only means of healing, but red mage towers won’t block the spell’s healing effect, only its damage. Half of Asuri’s spell kit is locked behind Red Mage towers, so focusing them down is a high priority. 

Asuri’s strength lies in its ability to both protect itself and deal damage at the same time. Each of the dragon’s spells offer some defensive utility, so Asuri can constantly whittle down an enemy base without exposing itself to danger.

Painted One

Powerful guardian of a small village in the Sacred Ridge.

Caligos has watched over the village of Tei for lifetimes now. It is a small place, appearing on no maps, and its inhabitants earn their keep farming small plots of rice and keeping goats. However, they also have an old, well-tended garden with many pigment-producing plants. These are carefully harvested and ground up, and a few times each year Caligos steps lightly through the humble abodes and down the dirt street, finally lying down in the center of the hamlet. The dragon is then pampered as the villagers file away at chipped scales and then meticulously repaint the beautiful red and white patterns that stretch across wings and body. Old, old magics sing through these patterns, and so the villagers repay Caligos’ protection by restoring the dragon’s power.

Legendary Wind Sorcerer

Breeding Pair: Lupin (16) & Montague (12)



PAINTED AEGIS - Active | White | 1 Rage

Shield prevents incoming damage (3) seconds or until it absorbs damage equal to (60)% of its modified HP.  it explodes and damages nearby towers for (26)% of the dragon's modified HP.

SYMBOLIC POWER - Active | White

Two-stage spell that transitions between Brushstroke and Splatter.

  • BRUSHSTROKE - Active | White | 1 Rage

    	<p style="text-align:left">Deals (2000)% of the dragon&#39;s attack power as damage to all towers in the target area.</p>
    <p style="text-align:left">SPLATTER - Active | White</p>
    	<p style="text-align:left">Fires (8) projectiles at nearby random towers, each dealing (12)% of the dragon&#39;s modified HP as damage. The cooldown is (4) seconds</p>

SATURATE - Active | Red | 2 Rage

Deals (16)% of dragon's modified HP as damage to nearby towers and freezes them for (3) seconds. Affected towers take (50)% increased damage from all sources.

INFUSION - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

Restores (3) rage on cast and cause the dragon to heal for (14)% of its modified HP whenever it destroys a tower. The cooldown is (4) seconds.

Design Intent

Caligos is a spell-heavy sorcerer with an abundance of AOE damage. 

Caligos’s main offensive ability is the two-stage spell: Symbolic Power. The spell’s first stage is Brushstroke, which fires a high damage projectile at a small target area. Brushstroke is Caligos’s most reliably means of tower destruction, and is key to enabling the dragon’s two colored spells. After casting Brushstroke, Symbolic Power transforms into Splatter, which fires a number of projectiles at random nearby towers. Splatter is more effective when its damage is divided among fewer targets, so the spell is excellent for finishing off an island’s last towers. After casting Splatter, Symbolic Power will go on a brief cooldown before transforming back to Brushstroke. 

Caligos’s next two spells provide both offense and defense. Painted Aegis shields Caligos from a large amount of damage for a brief period. After the shield expires, or if its damage threshold is exceeded, the shield will explode and heavily damage all nearby towers. Painted Aegis can be used defensively to protect Caligos from an island’s barrage of attacks, but it can also be carefully timed to detonate immediately upon engaging a new island. Caligos’s third spell is Saturate, which damages and freezes all nearby towers. Any tower affected by Saturate is also debuffed to take increased damage. While costing a lot of rage, Saturate is very versatile. The spell can disrupt mage tower supershots, prevent incoming damage, and strengthen Caligos’s other spells. Combining Saturate’s damage debuff with Painted Aegis’s explosion damage is a particularly effective combo. 

Caligos’s last spell is Infusion, which restores some rage on cast and causes the dragon to heal whenever they destroy a tower. Caligos is quite rage hungry, so casting Infusion often is key to the dragon’s success. Brushstroke is an excellent way to trigger Infusion’s healing ability, though Caligos can also score a massive heal if it destroys multiple towers with Painted Aegis.

Primal Cold

This dragon hibernates much of the year in a majestic ice cavern.

The villages near Korgon’s cave usually sit empty for a few weeks each year. The people there bundle themselves up and head out into the cold. Every child, woman, and man walks out into the winter wilderness. They follow the deer and elk, camping by icy streams and frozen waterfalls. Once Korgon has returned to hibernation, they return to their homes, relieved to be sleeping in warm beds again. But not this year. The strange Eclipse back in the autumn has upset the order of things. Korgon is awake and has been for months. The villagers cannot return home lest they are snatched away by the pacing, unsettled dragon. Korgon is awake, and may not sleep again for some time.

Legendary Ice Warrior

Breeding Pair: Garnath (16) & Makota (12)


WINTERY BREATH - Active | White | 1 Rage

Dragon's breath attack deals (175)% increased damage and freezes towers for (3) seconds. The duration is (4) seconds.

WING GUST - Active | White | 1 Rage

Destroys all mid-air projectiles and stuns nearby towers for (1) second.

BLOODFURY - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

Dragon's rage generation is slowed by (90)% for the dragon for duration. Using this spell grants 3 rage (net +2) and destroying a tower heals dragon for (20)% of its modified HP. The duration is (4) seconds, as well as the cooldown [(4) seconds].

ICE LANCE - Active | White | 1 Rage

Fires a projectile at an automatically chosen tower. Projectile deals (75%) of dragon’s modified HP as damage. Cooldown is (4) seconds.

Design Intent

Korgon’s main offensive spell is Wintery Breath, which significantly increases the dragon’s breath damage and causes it to freeze any towers hit by the flamethrower. The spell’s lack of cooldown and low rage cost also allow it to maintain an almost permanent up-time, and this allows Korgon to easily focus down key threats and disrupt mage towers. 

Korgon’s next spell is Wing Gust, which briefly stuns nearby towers and destroys any mid-air projectiles. Wing Gust doesn’t deal any damage, but carefully timing the spell allows Korgon to dodge mage tower supershots and disrupt tower attack patterns. 

Korgon sustains through battles by using Bloodfury, which restores some rage on cast and causes the dragon to heal whenever they destroy a tower. Bloodfury is Korgon’s only means of healing, so try to cast the spell right before you can destroy multiple towers at once. 

Korgon’s final spell is Ice Lance, which fires a high damage projectile at a pre-determined target. Ice Lance is excellent for destroying mage towers and crystal howitzers, and it can also be used to reliably proc the healing from Bloodfury.


Traded vigor and soul for power. Care to make a deal?

Malok was once a physically imposing and majestic dragon, soaring over the Northern Prairies with verve and confidence. As time marched on however and humans built their cities and fortresses and discovered more of the magical arts, Malok felt left behind. Weak. Powerlessness. It was then that the whispers in its dreams began, and in time Malok shriveled and grew small, as it traded ever-more of its physical form and spiritual essence in exchange for magical might. But Malok made a deal with things from the Void, and such entities are known for taking more than is bargained for...

Legendary Dark Sorcerer

Breeding Pair: Garnath (16) & Montague (12)


SOUL SPIKE - Active | White

Deals (2500)% of the dragon's attack power as damage to all towers in the target area. Damages dragon for (25)% of its modified HP. The cooldown is (4) seconds.

DARK BARGAIN - Active | White | 1 Rage

Dragon gains an invincible shield for (3) seconds. When shield expires, healing marks are applied to all nearby towers that each restore (14)% of the dragon's modified HP if a marked tower is destroyed. The cooldown is (3) seconds.

SACRIFICE - Active | White

Deal (7.5)% damage to your dragon and gain (2) rage.

SHADOW BLAST - Active | Red | 1 Rage

Dragon dodges all non-beam attacks for (2) second, damages nearby towers for (24)% of the dragon's modified HP. The cooldown is (4) seconds.

Design Intent

Malok is a sinister sorcerer who channels dark magic to destroy its foes. The dragon’s main offensive spell is Soul Spike, which heavily damages a target tower. Though Soul Spike doesn’t cost any rage, it hurts Malok whenever the deadly projectile is primed. This self-inflicted damage can add up quickly, so be careful with how zealously you dish out destruction. 

Malok’s main defensive spell is Dark Bargain, which grants Malok an invincible shield and immunity to mage tower supershots for a short duration. When Dark Bargain expires, healing marks are applied to all nearby towers, which restore a moderate amount of health when triggered. Dark Bargain naturally combos with Soul Spike: spend health to destroy towers and then regain that health by triggering the marks. Dark Bargain can be disrupted by Ice Flaks, Howitzers, and cannon towers, so one must be careful not to overcommit to the shield. Failing to apply Dark Bargain’s healing marks may leave the dragon without enough health to safely cast Soul Spike. 

Malok’s next spell is Shadow Blast, which dodges all incoming projectiles and damages nearby towers. Shadow Blast is Malok’s most reliable way of avoiding rage drain effects, though the spell can also dish out some serious damage. Note that red mage towers only block Shadow Blast’s damage; the spell’s dodge mechanic will work even in the presence of a red mage tower. 

Malok’s final spell is Sacrifice, which converts a portion of the dragon’s HP into rage. Sacrifice allows Malok to recover from rage-drain effects, and otherwise ensure that the dragon can always cast Dark Bargain and Shadow Blast.

Hidden Reflection

Extreme duality can be a source of strength for the lonely.

Phasma was a near-forgotten dragon, mentioned only in a few old sagas of a single Frigid Narrows tribe. There was not even scholarly debate on the existence of this dragon, due to its sheer obscurity. Therefore when it was sighted recently, there was a scramble by Dragon Lords in the frosty southern isles to identify this two-headed, unusual dragon soaring across their iron-grey skies. Was it from the cosmos, drawn by the Eclipse? Some being from the deep ocean or dark caverns of the earth? It was not particularly comforting when Phasma’s origin and name were finally found, as the ancient sagas were both terse and threatening when it came to this dragon.

Legendary Wind Hunter

Breeding Pair: Lupin (16) & Cephoth (12)


ENTRAP - Active | White | 1 Rage

Cast upon a target area. Stuns targets in area for duration until it is damaged.

MIRROR BOLT - Active | White | 1 Rage

Damages target tower for (32)% of dragon's modified HP. Effect bounces to another random nearby tower, dealing (double) damage. The cooldown is (3) seconds.

ILLUSION - Active | White

Dragon dodges all non-beam attacks for (4) second, damages nearby towers for (6)% of the dragon's modified HP each second, and is slowed for the duration (25% speed). The cooldown is (4) seconds.

WELL OF POWER - Active | White

Dragon deals (100%) increased breath damage and heals for (16%) of its modified HP when a tower is destroyed. The cooldown is (5) seconds.

Design Intent

Phasma is a precision-based hunter that relies on multiple free-target spells and its breath attack to take down bases. 

Phasma’s main offensive spell is Mirror Bolt, which damages a target tower. A second energy bolt will bounce to one random additional tower, and the second bolt deals bonus damage. Casting Mirror Bolt requires some additional thought, as you want to ideally target a previously-damaged tower with the spell’s actual cast, while also targeting a tower that is nearby the tower you want to destroy. 

Phasma’s other free-target spell is Entrap, which temporarily disables towers in a small target area. Disabled towers cannot attack or use supershots, but the disabling effect is removed if the towers take damage. Entrap is an excellent tool for locking down a problematic tower while you engage the rest of the base. Sometimes it’s easier to simply forget about a tower for a short while, and Entrap provides some breathing room so you can focus on fewer towers at once. 

Phasma’s defensive spell is Illusion, which dodges all incoming projectiles and periodically damages nearby towers. Illusion is Phasma’s only means of avoiding both Crystal Howitzer shots and rage-drain effects, so the dragon should be careful not to cast Illusion too freely. 

Phasma’s final spell is Well of Power, which increases Phasma’s breath damage and causes it to heal whenever a tower is destroyed. Well of Power combos well with the dragon’s other spells. Illusion protects Phasma from Ice and Dark Flak supershots, allowing the dragon to freely attack with its empowered projectiles, and casting Mirror Bolt during Well of Power allows Phasma to trigger multiple heals.

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