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All Hail Nebulon, Emperor of Nothing, Destroyer of Anything and this season's Festive Dragon!

Denizens of Atlas hear a long, slow keening before they see the undulating purple energy float along the inky stretches of space. They tense up, muscles coiled around an internal feeling of impending doom. Oh. It's just Nebulon. Nebulon, the self-proclaimed ruler of the cosmos flies by with his psychic chants and promises of a new galactic order. "Just leave him alone," they say "he probably won't notice you if stay still." Everyone knows Nebulon isn't a problem. Until he is.

Nebulon cackles his way into the Eclipse tomorrow as this season's festive dragon! Read more about this maker of mischief, king of nothing!

Self-Proclaimed Emperor

Forever insists he is the true ruler of all the cosmos

Legendary Fire Invoker

Branch Details

Nebulon's branch is similar to Hueso's branch from Souldance Season:

  • Cost: 18.5k Sigils
  • 3 Keys
  • Last node is 4 x Draconic chest, able to be acquired 150 times @ 500 sigils. for a max of 600 Draconic chests


While unable to vocalize words, like most dragons, Nebulon is instead able to crudely communicate with non-Dragon Lords who are in close proximity. In fact, people who stray near this roiling and strange dragon can hear faint, strained yelling in their minds. The content is generally the same: Nebulon claims to be emperor of all the cosmos over and over, with many proclamations of sovereignty and power and even taxation plans. However, careful observation of the other dragons from beyond who appeared during the Eclipse indicates they at least do not heed Nebulon’s authority. This study then ended in tragedy when a learned scholar--who really should have known better--laughed uproariously at Nebulon’s failed attempt to take a particularly fat sheep away from Zel’noth. That scholar was promptly annihilated by a burst of purple energy as Nebulon flew away in a rage. It is now left to others to decide how much respect to accord to this self-proclaimed emperor.


INVOKE: COSMIC WRATH- Passive | Yellow
Damages towers in target area for (24)% of dragon's modified HP and freezes them for (5) seconds. Duration 5s.

SCHEMING - Active | Blue | 0 Rage
Dragon cloaks for (3) seconds and flies at (25)% of the speed. Dragon has (300)% increased rage generation while cloaked. Duration 3s, Cooldown 3s.

PLASMA RECHARGE - Active | White | 1 Rage
Dragon dodges all incoming projectile attacks and supershots for (1) second and deals (8)% of its modified HP as damage to all nearby towers. Instantly reloads ammo clip by (100)%. Duration 3s, Cooldown 6s.

EVIL GLARE - Active| Red | 3 Rage
Damages all towers in a large area for (600)% of the dragon's attack power. Restores 50% of the dragon's modified HP on cast.

Design Intent and Strategy:

Nebulon is the self-declared Emperor of the Cosmos and his nefarious spell kit focuses on oppressing his detractors and wannabe benevolent rulers.

Nebulon’s empowered attack is Invoke: Cosmic Wrath, which damages and freezes all towers in a small target area. Nebulon’s sheer malice freezes the affected towers for a long duration, keeping the glorious ruler safe while it reloads its invoker ammo.

Nebulon’s next spell is Evil Glare, which heavily damages all towers in the target area and restores a large amount of health on cast. Evil Glare is one of the dragon’s most powerful offensive and defensive spells, but Nebulon needs to disable any nearby red mage towers to gain its benefit.

No evil ruler is complete without an evil plan, so Nebulon has Scheming to cloak the dragon so it can plot its next move. While cloaked, Nebulon flies at reduced speed and generates additional rage. Scheming is quite versatile, and can be quickly cast and canceled to dodge projectiles or held for the full duration to maximize the spell’s rage gain.

Nebulon’s last spell is Plasma Recharge, which dodges all projectiles, damages nearby towers, and instantly reloads the dragon’s invoker ammo. Nebulon can be even more wrathful with Plasma Recharge’s reload effect, as the dragon can quickly trigger its empowered attack multiple times in a short period. This allows Nebulon to either disable a large group of towers, or to quickly burst down an island’s puny resistance.

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