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Back and Better Than Ever - Champion Riders Have Returned to Atlas

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They’ve arrived. Fresh from the battle-torn skies, the veteran riders that cause all other riders and Dragon Lords alight on the scarred plains. Grogg, Tor, and Kayla have proven their mettle, tallied their kills, collected their trophies, and are back to grow their power and to spit on the ground at new riders’ feet. They are no longer like the riff-raff around them, they are Champions.

The Champion Rider Branch

While we’ve shared this information in the past, the Champion Rider branch is new - and so let’s take a second look at the key highlights that define a Champion Rider branch.

  • Each branch focuses on the riders from the past and contains 6 Season Keys & 2 Ascension Tokens
  • Each of those three riders will now have a max level of 60, rather than 50
  • Yes, the level 60 rider is more powerful than the level 50 rider. However, modern level 50 riders are considerably more powerful than the level 50 riders from 3 years ago. These level 60 riders will gain another few skill nodes allowing them to be on par or slightly better with modern riders.
  • Each rider shard node gives you a choice: obtain one of the three riders’ shards or chests. How you complete this branch will depend on whether or not you have the old riders.
  • New players can complete the entire branch and get enough currency to get one of these riders (your choice) from unowned to level 60.
  • Veteran players who have one or more of these riders already can get enough rider shards to go from 50 to 60 in a third of a branch.
  • In the unusual case of already having one of the riders but not enough shards to max it at 50, just obtain as many shards as needed to level up your rider.
  • If the player has all three of the riders at level 50 and wants to take all 3 to 60, completing the branch gives enough rider shards for each rider to do that.

Dragon Lords, you need to make sure to pay close attention to how many rider shards you are obtaining in each branch. It takes 400 shards to take a rider from level 0-50, and 200 shards from level 50-60.

You may not need all 600 shards to level that rider up all the way - so be careful when you select your price in the node (which will have 4 total choices!).

For example: let's say you already have Tor at level 50, you only need 200 shards to max level Tor. You would need to claim only 4 nodes for max leveling for Tor. You have 8 remaining choice nodes left, which means instead of getting Tor shards, you can acquire other rider shards OR a bunch of great chest options.



Elements: Wind, Fire, Dark



Elements: Wind, Fire, Dark



Elements: Wind, Fire, Dark

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